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Content Enablers Achieve 200% - 500% Increase in Download Rates While Seeing a Consistent RoI (mKhoj)

May 4, 2009
Submitted by mKhoj

Innovative campaigns on mKhoj have delivered over 200 success stories while pushing the boundaries of mobile advertising across several industry verticals. Advertisers on the mKhoj network range from renowned global brands to world leaders in content downloads; all of mKhoj’s customers have reaped the benefits of a lucrative engagement. Reebok, MakeMyTrip, Yamaha, Book My Show, Vringo, Dada, Buongiorno, Indiagames are among several advertisers who have partnered with mKhoj to advertise their products across geographies. Mobile content enablers form one of the fastest growing segments in the mobile internet space achieving 41% growth in the past 12 months.

Mobile phones today have moved beyond their fundamental role as communication devices and have graduated to become an extension of the user’s persona. Spoilt by choice, the mobile subscribers are beginning to choose their operators on the basis of the value added services (VAS) they offer. The increased importance of VAS has also spurred content developers to come up with better and newer concepts and services. Ringtones, wall papers and games are few of the most often downloaded items. Content enablers used to depend mainly on wireless operators for their advertising. While they still need to work with operators, the need for better advertising capabilities has become apparent. Increasing number of content enablers are engaging with mobile ad networks to extend their reach among the users and minimize ad spillage.

Campaign Objectives
• Focus on RoI
• Achieve maximum downloads within the acceptable CPA
• Deliver scale by acting as a sales and distribution channel
• Provide content aggregators with 360 degree view of the content on their site
• To build loyalty among existing and new users through traffic retention

• Relevant user bases spanning across geographies
• Users with certain usage characteristics to enable profiling of audience
• Voracious content downloaders
• Evolved MVAS users

mKhoj’s approach

Multi Region Approach – mKhoj’s large volume of mobile web inventory provides content players the advantage of activating campaigns in multiple regions with the same account.

Targeting - mKhoj provides targeting driven by technological innovations to reduce ad spillage. This helps serving the advertisements to audiences who are most likely to click on it and perform the desired action. Some of the targeting features include the capabilities of the handset, the operating system of the device, country, operator etc.

User Friendly Interface – mKhoj provides intuitive online user interfaces, putting the content players in driving seat of their own promotions. Advertisers can start sending out their message in a matter of few minutes using mKhoj’s simple 4 step ad creation process.

Pre Campaign Assistance - A successful campaign requires thorough understanding of the objective, the target audience, the inherent behaviour of the audience. mKhoj provides a team of campaign managers to assist the content players with the planning of the campaign.

Round the Clock Campaign Management - Effective campaign management with feedback on performance forms the essence of any successful ad campaign. Innovative ways of attracting customers to the site and retaining them are some of the key advantages that mKhoj’s campaign management team offers.

Reduced Click Frauds - The team at mKhoj focuses on qualifying each click so that fraudulent clicks do not dilute the campaign performance.

User Retention - Content that can be downloaded is usually based on the latest trends and needs to be updated with changing user preferences. This also means that the same content should not be shown multiple times to the same user. At mKhoj, we realize the importance of keeping a check on the ad fatigue.

Key Findings
• The right mix of text ads and banner ads is required to gain optimal results.
• The challenge is in refreshing ad texts and banners regularly during the campaign to maintain the RoI (every couple of hours to at least once in 24 hours)

Value Add by mKhoj
• Learning from the success of previous campaigns help shape the plan of action for the new campaigns
• Real time analytics provided by mKhoj helps track the performance of each ad campaign at desired intervals of time
• Involvement of the mKhoj campaign executives with the advertisers to avoid ad fatigue by maintaining new and updated content
• Providing users with an ad variety to maintain loyalty and retention

Key Results
• Average of 200% to 500% increase in downloads, depending on the content and geography
• Average CTR of 1.5% to 3%
• Peak CTR of 6%

Today operators monopolize the market and content players are forced to shell out a large portion of their revenues towards operator fees. This being inevitable, the only way to achieve bigger profits is to leverage the reach that the ad networks can offer.










Increasing number of content enablers are engaging with mobile ad networks
Arjun Som opines
Ravikanth, Head of Campaign Management, mKhoj