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Anhanguera (Pontomobi Interactive)

November 18, 2008

Pontomobi Interactive developed a web-video-call tool to the Anhanguera College, using the model Ana Hickman as the brand’s representative girl, and simulating and interactive advertising video.

The goal was to promote the registrations for the college’s vestibular texts, attracting the possible candidates to the interactive video followed by the link to the said registration forms, in a creative and interesting way.

The solution was to creat a web-video-call interaction, available at the internet, in which the model and tv presenter Ana Hickman appeared recording the advertising for the college, in a class room. During the video, the user received a cellphone call from one of the students in the video and then talked to Ana Hickman, who gave informations about the Anhanguera’s college programs. The Idea was to make the user feel like he was taking part of the advertising’s making of. When the user turned of the call the video continued.
At its end, a link to the vestibular registrations was available to be easily accessed, and the interaction could also be sent to a friend.
The interaction banner was spread in a portal dedicated to education and vestibular texts.

Link to watch the interaction:

More than 13 thousand people interacted.
Each person impacted by the banner sent the piece on average for 2 people.
Even without media, the campaign kept the daily average of nearly 400 interactions.