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Integrating Mobile Channel into Marketing Campaigns (HipCricket)

January 28, 2008


Integrating Mobile Channel into Marketing Campaigns
HipCricket is a mobile marketing company that helps broadcast stations add measurable, real-time interactivity into their programs via mobile marketing. HipCricket also works with brands and agencies to enable consumers to respond immediately via text message to promotions printed on product labels, in advertisements and through other calls to action. Because the HipCricket system was built using advanced mobile technology developed in the more mobile-savvy regions of Europe and Asia-Pacific, the company needed a partner to help them leverage these capabilities the U.S.
  • Target potential customers in the U.S. with MMS and other advanced mobile technologies
  • Expand connectivity to wireless service providers to ensure system compatibility for premium and advanced messaging services
  • Improve technical capabilities to handle promotion surges and robust marketing campaigns
  • Expedite marketing campaign approval and program launch process
  • Use OpenMarket mobile commerce solution for direct connectivity to mobile operators
  • Deliver advance mobile marketing campaigns to broadcast stations nationwide
  • Promote campaigns that facilitate consumer interaction, increase listenership, brand loyalty, and create new revenue streams
  • Use marketing methods that increase campaign redemption and response rates while introducing ongoing opted-in one-to-one communication opportunities between the brand and consumer.
  • Implemented over 16,000 successful turnkey campaigns with radio and TV stations and brands worldwide
  • Helped drive revenue and increase listenership, viewership and loyalty by tapping into the behaviors and interests of more than 136 million Americans
  • Registered over 200 short codes with OpenMarket and received industry recognition for having the fastest growth in short code-enabled mobile marketing campaigns