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Bobbies on the Beat

February 25, 2008
Bobbies on the beep
Company: BLIP Systems, an agency called England
Brand: Barnet Metropolitan Police
Barnet Police in the UK has launched a service aiming at providing public reassurance and informing them to be more vigilant, when crime is on the uptake. An intelligent system, which means that people can immediately interact & respond to police appeals, where the police can direct the communication even in different languages to the local communities.
An agency called england is an interactive agency known for their fantastic creative concepts and award-winning campaigns. They have created gogo, which is designed to communicate with a target audience at a relevant time and place, delivering the information to mobile phones using Bluetooth. Once downloaded, it will stay on the phone until deleted. Barnet Metropolitan Police approached an agency called england through BLIP Systems as they were interested in using Bluetooth technology to help tackle crime in the local community and to increase public awareness of what the police force are trying to achieve.
The system is to deliver community safety messages. When required, gogo can also be used to seek responses from the community, particularly if the police need to react to an event or emergency, such as witness appeals.
Chief Inspector Lucy D’Orsi said “This is another example of Barnet Police embracing modern technology to serve the local community providing important information to those who require it when they require it. The mobile capability of this equipment means that it has numerous uses across Barnet Borough, from providing crime prevention advice in a busy high street to providing up to date information at a serious incident”.
Barnet Metropolitan Police, which is the first police force to use the gogo system to communicate with members of the local community, are currently operating two 3G pods.  One 3G pod will be based permanently in Golders Green Police Station, while the second, a 3G in-car pod, which will be used to circulate information at times and places relevant to the requirements of the local police from Patrol cars.

The purpose of the units is to push out a variety of messages public safety and awareness information via Bluetooth. For the purposes of the initial trial, gogo pushes out a series of files including a video file and several animated files that each displayed safety messages and alerts.

Posters have also been created by the gogo team, telling passersby to activate their Bluetooth devices to receive public safety information.
The Met were running an operation for stop and search in the build up to Christmas and the results from that specific operation was total detections reached 1700 handsets and just short of 400 handsets interacted with the campaign. Of the handsets that interacted 47% of them downloaded content successfully. The campaign is ongoing.
BlipZones Partner: an agency called england,