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September 30, 2020

Looking forward with an optimistic view you cannot help but wonder what will happen and how we are going to deal with the changes that we will all have to adapt to. There is always a silver lining, and we believe, that is a very important lens with which we should look at the world surrounding us with all this uncertainty.

Whilst we understand the picture is not all that rosy and all the information around us only talks about the sad state we are in, we personally would like to change that tone through this series and build the conversations on a positive thematic of how we enter and thrive in the new world post Covid-19.

There is a need for the industry to pivot it’s thinking and internalise the new normal before stepping into the world again and bring with it a reason to cheer and celebrate. After all, life is meant to be lived. That is no different when applied to any industry, it has to thrive and overcome the short-term hurdles

Key learnings and highlights the panels will discuss:

  • Staying healthy, happy & productive during managed remote working & social distancing
  • Fast digital change is much more possible than most of us thought
  • Resource reductions spurring innovation and creativity like never before
  • The old ways of operating are often badly outmoded in this new era

When There is no playbook for this..... you need to start building one -- register now and learn how!




New World Post Covid-19

Key learnings and highlights the panels will discuss:

  • Staying healthy, happy & productive during managed remote working & social distancing
  • Fast digital change is much more possible than most of us thought
  • Resource reductions spurring innovation and creativity like never before
  • The old ways of operating are often badly outmoded in this new era

Join Rohit Dadwal while he deliberates New World Post Covid-19 with his esteemed panellists on Friday, May 15 at 3pm Singapore time.

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Innovation & Collaboration

Join Rohit Dadwal as he deliberates #ShapingTheFuture through Innovation & Collaboration with his esteemed panellists on Friday, May 22 at 3pm Singapore time.

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New Business Models That Are Shaping the Future in the Digital Era

As we emerge from Covid-19, the world will look very different. Consumer behaviour will have shifted resulting in businesses needing to recalibrate to address these needs.

In an unplugged chat with Rohit Dadwal, Ajit Mohan will discuss

  • The future is digital. This pandemic has accelerated the consumer journey towards that
  • The pace at which businesses adopt digital will determine their future success
  • New models will continue to disrupt and pivot businesses in the digital era. There is No Playbook for that…
Vice President & Managing Director, India
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Creativity & Content

Creativity & Content offers an unmatched level of power which can help answer the needs of the industry as we debate if:

  • Advertising and Marketing will change and there are learnings we will have to accommodate in our strategy and planning
  • There is a need to create and deliver on set objectives required to make way for new ones
  • The criteria for measurement of success will be redefined in the way consumers consume media and engage with brands

Join Rohit Dadwal as he deliberates #ShapingTheFuture through Creativity & Content with his esteemed panellists on Friday, May 29 at 3pm Singapore time.

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Digitisation & Consumption

Contemporary consumer society is increasingly saturated by digital technology, and the devices that deliver this are increasingly transforming consumption patterns. Social media, smartphones, mobile apps and digital retailing merge with traditional consumption spheres, supported by digital devices which further encourage consumers to communicate and influence other consumers to consume.

Exploring the development of new consumer cultures, Digitisation & Consumption offers an important contribution to the industry. The consequences of digitalization for marketing and consumption not only assist and channel consumers, but also rework their dispositions, emotions and values.

Join Rohit Dadwal as he deliberates #ShapingTheFuture through Digitisation & Consumption with his esteemed panellists on Friday, June 5 at 3pm Singapore time.

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Marketing & Technology

“All marketing is better when you know who you're marketing to.”

- Chris Golec


Being a marketer today is harder than ever. And more exciting, too!

Virtually anyone involved with digital marketing is technologically-based and harnesses technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

The digital revolution has changed the way brands and advertisers connect and engage with customers regionally and globally. Innovations, such as Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Automation and the use of chatbots, are growing at a remarkable speed to enhance the customer experience.

Recognising that both, Marketing and Technology, are a reflection of the customers journey with each moment offering an opportunity for marketers to be relevant in the new age of modern marketing.

When prioritizing new technologies & planning your marketing strategy roadmap, what should be considered to ensure a seamless customer experience?

Join the esteemed panellists on Friday, June 12 @3pm Singapore to understand the new opportunity fast tracked by Covid-19 as we #shapethefuture of marketing.

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Mobile Economy & Advertising

“In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected.”

- Janice H. Reinold


As the mobile ecosystem becomes more complex, advertisement marketers are focusing on targeted marketing to customers to maximize the impact of advertising. The advertising paradigm is shifting from the web2.0 to the web3.0 generation pursuing a customized and context-aware advertisement service for each consumer in this cloud computing era.

Mobile advertising businesses differ in terms of content and delivery patterns as to what users want, as well as how they react to different devices and platforms. How do these frameworks ride on data impact advertising marketing and customer relationship?

We are going to see a advertising transformation and its effect on personal advertisement preferences, and motivation to engage which will straddle between consumer demand across infotainment, gaming, and real-time communication platforms.

Join Rohit Dadwal (Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific) as he discusses the opportunity for advertisers to pivot their relationship with consumers in the new world… with his esteemed panellists on Friday, June 19 at 3pm Singapore.

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Ideate, Incubate, Accelerate

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

- Thomas Edison


Traditional marketing and advertising are being disrupted — being asked to transform and take on the responsibility to drive broader enterprise growth. To rise to this challenge, marketing organisations must acquire a larger skill set and better understand the diverse and rapidly changing business models that are emerging. Increasingly responsible for keeping their companies current on the art of the possible and focused on execution, marketing leaders and teams can help lead new opportunities to build a pipeline and portfolio of ventures through venture building and investing to generate meaningful new revenue and financial returns both organically and inorganically.

Creating, building and launching new ventures across the spectrum of new venture creation from Ideate to Incubate to Accelerate are becoming the mandate of a new class of C-Suite professionals, the Chief Growth Officer. Even now many large companies are leaning in and moving forward and many are watching and asking — while managing the current disruption, will you lead the rebound or be left behind.

Building on our conversations focused on the positive theme of how we enter and thrive in the new world post Covid-19, we will focus on opportunities for you to focus on action and execution to lead the rebound, how to be forward-looking, truly listen for customer pain, understand the external landscape where disruption might occur, identify gaps in the market and how you can translate all this into action for other parts of the business.

Join Rohit Dadwal as he deliberates the pros and cons of models for venture building (inside out) and venture investing (outside in) with his esteemed panelists Linda Yates, Tim Dyson, Preeti Bajaj and Burzeen Vakil on Friday, June 26 at 3pm Singapore

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Customer Experience & Communications

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Mahatma Gandhi


Customer Experience and Customer Communications are related and tightly linked to one another as enterprises are spending millions to improve customer experience by finding better ways to engage and communicate with customers. Omnichannel coverage is pivotal for approaching customer communication transformation enabling new channels and touch points such as mobile applications, wearables, messaging applications.

But, perhaps more important, a super customer experience conveys the message that the company appreciates and values its customers. How can companies best convey that message of appreciation? Through Communication - the foundation upon which a super customer experience is built.

How do these experiences and communication change as customers learn more and are far-more engaged digitally, preferring being spoken to and being given customised experiences, creative references and even in the communication which are personalised and contextual.

Will forced digital expansion change the rules of the game…? Find out with Rohit Dadwal and his guests on Friday, July 3 at 3pm Singapore.

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Manoeuvre & Understand Multi-channel Consumer Journey

“Focusing on the customer makes a company more resilient.”

- Jeff Bezos


Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points. It has always been the learning for innovators and marketers to start the customer journey from customer experience and the working backwards to your product or services. It mandates the need to walk in the customer shoes to know what customers really want.

Gone are the days of the customer interacting with your brand on one platform. Now a marketer needs to engage customers across all platforms. Every single interaction, the most minute details of the engagement, is an opportunity for the brand to create a relationship. In the digital world, it’s the difference between an advocate vs. a dissatisfied customer.

Consistency, an important element of omni-channel marketing, is having a recognizable brand is an essential part of marketing.

How can a brand create a marketing strategy that considers the desire for more omni-channel interactions and experiences?

What encourages your customers (or discourages them) from moving to the next stage?

As an important step toward building a more sustainable ads ecosystem, digital marketers everywhere need to take up the mantle. They need to:

  • Be innovative and resourceful in acquiring and engaging audiences
  • Customize each strategy for each channel - display different content that's appealing to each channel
  • Synchronize between Digital & Offline channels. Similar brand voice & experience with quick decision making

Join Rohit Dadwal (Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific) as he debates with his guests the complicated customer journey as a consequence of technology driven omni-channel and the marketer’s role to build a #futureproof marketing strategy on Friday, July 17 at 3pm Singapore time.

Chief Executive Officer, APAC
Chief Executive Officer
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Consumer Data Models in Privacy Driven World

“The world is one big data problem."

- Andrew McAfee (principal research scientist, MIT)


Everything in the digital world - from surfing the web to sending an email to financial transactions and, yes, even sending a text message or making a phone call - creates a data trail and, there is a good chance, that someone is using it or will be soon enough.

In a digitally transformed world data & analytics are at the core of making intelligent business and marketing decisions these days and in order to make those decisions, it’s critical to manage the data to derive valuable insights: Thus the data collected by corporations and agencies can be loaded with sensitive information and more.

When you’re dealing with highly sensitive information, enhanced privacy and security will be vital to ensuring compliance.

As an important step toward building a more sustainable ads ecosystem, digital marketers everywhere need to take up the mantle. They need to:

  • Be innovative and resourceful in acquiring and engaging audiences
  • Collect and maintain the data in a responsible manner data responsibly
  • Build and operate responsible marketing approaches including people & policies

In the digital era, is privacy a priority, or is just the whole secrecy and perception of it being mismanaged ?

How do you manage the pressure of ever increasing use of customer data in marketing and what about customers cry for privacy?

Join Rohit Dadwal (Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific) as he debates with his guests the consequences of new age of marketing infused by data and personalisation on privacy and consumer rights Friday, July 24 at 3pm Singapore time.

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Intel Asia Pacific and Japan
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