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Friday, November 11, 2022

09.00 – 09.30

Registration, Refreshments and Networking

09.30 – 09.35

Opening by MC


09.35 – 09.40

Welcoming Remarks by MMA Global-Indonesia Country Head and Board of Director: Enlightening, Empowering, and Enabling Marketers & Advertisers in Indonesia

Country Head & Board of Director Indonesia
MMA Global Indonesia

09.40 – 09.45

Welcoming Remarks by MMA Indonesia Board Chairperson: What We Mean When We Talk About Architecting The Future of Marketing

From the rapid changes in how humans consume media, to the increased expectation that companies should take the lead around societal issues, transformation is both omnipresent and relentless. What does this mean in a fast changing marketing and advertising landscape?

CEO & President Director
PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk.

09.45 – 10.00

Speech by MMA Global-Indonesia Special Guest

10.00 – 10.20

Media Drives Economies and The Soft Power Comes with Responsibility

Indonesia media investment landscape is changing drastically and will continue to evolve with investments either directly or indirectly through local and international organisations. Finding the right allocation would amount to it being more efficient with digital driving majority of the future investments. How does the growth of the ecosystem impact on the growing soft power driving ethical behaviour and managing forecasts for the economy

Investment Partner GDP Venture and CEO of Merah Cipta Media Group
GDP Venture
Managing Director
Country Head & Board of Director Indonesia
MMA Global Indonesia

10.20 – 10.25

Speech by Google Head of Marketing Indonesia

Head of Marketing

10.25 – 10.45

Automation is The Future of Growth

As we head into 2023, economic uncertainties prompting consumers to place even higher priority on value-for-money items. This makes it even more imperative for brands to become top of mind for consumers by appealing to what they value, while becoming more agile and swift in responding to their shifting needs.

As people spend more time online than ever, their paths across channels are getting increasingly complex. Automation is now essential for brands to drive growth and achieve your business result by uniquely able to respond to new scenarios and be there for opportunities as they arise.

Search Specialist

10.45 – 11.05

Go Precise or Go Home: Why E-commerce and On-demand Platforms are the Safest Bet to Generate RoI for Businesses

Marketers nowadays are facing challenges to ensure marketing spend generates high growth while yielding positive results on investment. Even amid today’s digitalized world, targeting certain audience segments based on persona can be hard to get right and is starting to lose its charm due to increasing concerns over users’ privacy and tightening regulations on users tracking. With the wealth of consumer data digital platforms possess, brands who leverage e-commerce and on-demand marketing in their strategy are more likely to grow and thrive in the rapidly changing consumer behavior.

VP of Marketing Solutions
VP of Go-To Market for Ads & Promo Platform
CEO & Founder

11.05 – 11.25

Rediscovering The Marketing Funnel in a Mobile-First Era

Mobile phones have had a life-altering effect on us in the last few decades changing the way we eat, travel, interact, shop, and transact. With the marketing funnel evolving too, Rishi Sharma will focus on the quintessential details of the new marketing funnel and how marketers should adapt accordingly.

Senior Vice President, Sales
Affinity Global Inc.

11.25 – 11.30

Launch of MMA Indonesia Modern Marketing Reckoner 2022: Unveilling Modern Marketers' Guide to Leveraging Data & MarTech

Featuring input from industry trailblazers, this is the most awaited and anticipated report to help marketing professionals strengthen their strategy to drive business growth in 2023. It covers topics such as CTV, Superapps and the latest MarTech trends. The research in the report is backed by solid data and analyzed by experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

11.30 – 11.50

Modern Marketing in Indonesia: The State of the Industry


The MMA & WARC report summarises the Indonesia findings of our latest APAC modern marketing survey, which focuses on the critical areas which need to be taken into account by advertisers, including the importance of social, the impact of commerce on the use of mobile, the challenges being faced and the future of mobile technology including Web3.0.

Managing Director
WARC Asia Pacific

11.50 – 13.15

Lunch, Prayer Break, and Networking

13.15 – 13.20

MC Welcoming Guests


13.20 – 13.30

Speech by MMA Indonesia Board of Director: The New Era, Challenge and Opportunity

With the evolution of consumer's behavior and marketing technology, comes new opportunities to tap Indonesia's creative potential, giving rise to innovative, high-impact initiatives and also new challenges. In this session, we will learn how management and leadership roles leverage the challenge of ever-changing industrial landscape to serve as an innovation catalyst.

Director & Global Marketing Director
Mayora Group

13.30 – 14.00

What it Takes to Build a Winning Marketing Organisation


A recent MMA Global study suggests - 1% improvement in marketing capability fit leads to a 2.5% increase in sales growth. Does it have to be all about digitisation? More centralised, or decentralised, in making decisions? Internal process orientation or customer-centric approach? If marketing is both science and art, how do leaders juggle both smoothly in an ever evolving industry?

Chief Executive Officer GroupM South East Asia
President Director
Nestlé Indonesia
President Commissioner
Kalbe Nutritionals
Director & Global Marketing Director
Mayora Group

14.00 – 14.30

Building Powerhouse Brand Experiences with Superapps

More and more consumers are turning to super apps to meet their daily needs, while brands are sitting up and taking notice. Marketers around Indonesia are beginning to work with superapps to create full funnel experiences that drive sales and brand love. Join us to hear how brand and agency innovators are thinking about this emerging media channel - and what they're doing about it.

Regional Head of Brand Engagement, GrabAds
Chief Marketing Officer
Lazada Indonesia
Head of Marketing
Good Doctor Technology Indonesia
Chief Executive Officer
Havas Group Indonesia

14.30 – 14.50

Winning in the Evolving Marketing Landscape

Around the world, the marketing and advertising industry is collectively moving toward a more privacy-friendly digital ecosystem that includes the elimination of third-party cookies and the ability to track personally identifiable information. While this is good news for our society as a whole, it has presented its share of challenges for marketers looking to reach relevant audiences. Marketers are now beginning to reevaluate which metrics matter and which solutions are the most effective in a post-cookie world. Join our experts as they discuss how marketers are navigating this change and what solutions can one look at in this ever evolving space.

Enterprise Sales Director
Head of Integrated Digital Marketing, Media & Commerce Hub Personal Care and Head of Media
Unilever Indonesia
Chief Marketing Officer
PT. Kino Indonesia Tbk
Chief Revenue & Growth Officer

14.50 – 15.10

Attention Based Metrics: How to Grab Users Attention

Attention metrics will enable your audience to register/remember your campaign data may be the new oil but in the digital economy which is cluttered, attention is super important thing. This session is all about how do we look at the regular metrics differently.

Country Director, Marketing Solutions
VP of Integrated Brand Communication
Head of Business Development Esports
Moonton - PT Monster Entertainment Indonesia
Regional Director - SEA
Digital Turbine

15.10 – 15.40

Creativity with Commerce: Unlocking a World of Commerce-enabled Media

In a world where everyone is constantly seeking new experiences, it is imperative to create experiences that are immersive. This is possible only when we break an old pattern of predictable user journeys. The time is thus ripe for an innovation: A seamless, personalized shopping experience and serendipitous discovery journey from the palm size mobile devices to the gigantic out of home media. Tune in to witness our panel of experts discussing how this can unfurl and how brands can benefit from it.

Senior VP of Growth Marketing
PT Global Digital Niaga Tbk. (Blibli)
Chief Digital & Media Officer
L’Orèal Indonesia
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
City Vision
Director, Sales, Southeast Asia

15.40 – 16.00

Customer Centric - The Role of Leadership in Cultural Evolution

With the advancement of media and digitisation, modern-day customers have gained more authority, become more sensitive and self-aware as to what they do and don’t want. The world, which a few years back was once a market dominated by brands, is now influenced by customer wish lists. What role does leadership play to take advantage from this cultural evolution and sustain in this competitive customer-centric market?

Founder & CEO
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore & South East Asia
Publicis Groupe
General Manager Consumer Health, Indonesia
Procter & Gamble Home Products Indonesia
Chief Marketing Officer
KG Media

16.00 – 16.20

How Do We Leverage Creativity in The Age of Digital and AI?

Ask any C-Level their #1 priority, and it is more than likely that it comes down to one word: Growth. But how does marketing/advertising creativity contribute to overall growth? MMA Global has brought together leading C-Levels to discuss and debate key areas which have a direct role in achieving true marketing/advertising growth. This session will focus on creative as a key driver to their own success and debate how marketers should leverage creativity in the age of digital and AI, keeping that as centre-point.

CEO, Clients & Solutions, dentsu South East Asia Country CEO Indonesia & Singapore
dentsu Indonesia & Singapore
Chief Marketing Officer
Paragon Technology and Innovation
Marketing & RnD Director IND / PNG
KraftHeinz ABC Indonesia
Commercial Director, Media

16.20 – 16.40

Leadership in Times of Digital Dynamism

Today’s dynamic digital environment refers to the evolving challenges and opportunities for brands, adtech, agencies, and even for the consumer. From finding the harmony between speed and precision, to managing the brand, to knowing which voices to amplify to carry on the narrative, this session provides valuable lessons leaders can learn from.

Chief Executive
Wipro Unza Vitalis
AXA Insurance Indonesia
Managing Director
Leverate Media Asia
Founder & CEO
Climate Ready Leaders

16.40 – 17.00

Building Brand Love by Being Part of Indonesian's Everyday Lives

Unleashing the true power of Contextual Marketing.

Marketing VP
Danone Indonesia
Chief Strategy Officer
Wunderman Thompson

17.00 – 17.10

Outcomes Based Marketing (OBM2) - A New Science for Media Planning and Driving Brand Growth

Marketers are under the impression that a broad-reaching media strategy is the most effective way to drive incremental sales and long-term growth. A foundational study by MMA Global, disproves this and provides marketers with a new growth model, bringing to life and testing the strategy with preliminary findings from the pilot.

CEO, MMA Global APAC | Global Head of SMARTIES WW and BOD Asia Pacific
MMA Global Asia Pacific

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