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Marketing must have a certain set of competencies and mindsets to generate development in the digital age. However, as complexity increases, marketers must make more tough decisions about where to direct their efforts, which objectives and techniques to pursue, and which skills to create in order to drive future development.
This report, produced in cooperation with WARC and MMA APAC, explores how the industry is addressing these problems, with an emphasis on current trends and future potential

October, 2022
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How To Navigate an Economic Downturn for Marketers

Surging inflation has driven up the costs of many consumer goods, including food, fuel, cars, and travel. To counter these growing expenses, many consumers are shifting their shopping behaviors to minimize spending as much as possible. 

To help marketers better reach and engage consumers during this period of inflation, InMarket’s whitepaper, “How To Navigate an Economic Downturn for Marketers: Top 10 Marketing Moves for Inflationary Times” contains essential tactics for maximizing success.

Key strategies you’ll find in the report include:

  • Investing In Your Product
  • Engaging Consumers Throughout the Purchase Funnel
  • Always Be Optimizing
  • And 7 more!

Interested in a deeper dive into everything covered in the white paper? InMarket offers a custom Lunch & Learn for your team to dig into the insights and strategies presented here.

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