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Case studies about Danone, Patrón, Swarovski and more will change how you employ location data
Release Date: 
December, 2018
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Our mission as the main global association that represents the mobile industry is to spread knowledge and provide a wealth of resources to the content market to promote its business and professionals. For this, the Fintech topic is more than necessary. It is essential to understand where the mobile industry is heading in order to create an effective platform to connect people and companies. In this Playbook, the second of 2017, we dive into the revolution of the companies that simplified the finance services and focused on solutions that
Release Date: 
July, 2017

The MMA encourages all of our members to become familiar with these guidelines, as the changes included will promote improved digital advertising measurement and better align all digital impressions with the viewability standard. The revised guidelines will shift both mobile in-app and mobile web from a “count-on-download” to a “count-on-begin-to-render” ad impression measurement standard.

Release Date: 
December, 2016

The mission of the MMA Mobile Native Advertising Committee is to promote the definition of mobile native ads, educate marketers and publishers about native advertising benefits and best practices, and grow the global market for this emerging and increasingly effective digital display format.

Release Date: 
April, 2015
MMA Location Terminology Guide
The MMA Location Committee wants to ensure this guide represents a fair and unbiased view and continues to keep up to date with the latest technological and business evolutions of mobile location. As a result, this document has been posted to a public wiki-style site that will enable readers to edit, change and/or make critical additions as necessary. You can access the document at the link below. Note: once in the document, you can request editing rights.

The MMA Lexicon Subcommittee proposes the lexical framework to categorize mobile video ad units for the ease of communication and transaction within the mobile advertising industry among brands, agencies and technology providers.

Release Date: 
January, 2013