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Marketing Capability Benchmark

How “mature” is your organization’s marketing capability benchmark?

We are inviting you and other CMOs/Senior Marketers to participate in a research study on Marketing Capabilities that MMA Global is conducting with professors from Emory University, Indiana University, and the University of Georgia.

After completing, you will receive a personalized capabilities benchmark report of your input relative to the full 1,000+ database.

Marketing must have a certain set of competencies and mindsets to generate development in the digital age. However, as complexity increases, marketers must make more tough decisions about where to direct their efforts, which objectives and techniques to pursue, and which skills to create in order to drive future development.
This report, produced in cooperation with WARC and MMA APAC, explores how the industry is addressing these problems, with an emphasis on current trends and future potential

October, 2022
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Today’s marketing and media landscape has become so complex and complicated, it has become harder than ever to simply market.

It’s led to a veritable fog of marketing in which it’s less clear than ever how to generate results. A survey of 493 companies across all ad sectors found that 80 percent of managers at large firms are not satisfied with marketing’s effectiveness.

Questions keeping up marketing executives week after week include:

  • How do I create and deliver topline and bottomline growth?

September, 2022
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Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm EDT

Experienced Global CMO and Public/Private Company Board Director
Chief Marketing Officer, US Meals & Beverages
Chief Marketing Officer
Global Head of Marketing and Communications
Marketing Science Advisor

The MMA Global Indonesia Brand Safety & MarTech report explores various perspectives, insights and best practices on brand safety strategy and marketing technology implementation. In this report you will find the result of Brand Safety Survey run by the MMA Global Indonesia specifically for marketers in Indonesia.

August, 2022

Xapads Media expands business in Indonesia; appoints Edo Fernando as Country Head

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As per the new role, Edo Fernando will be responsible for the strategic growth of Xapads Media in the country while further strengthening the local team, partnerships, and innovation in the sector.


Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:00am ICT

Head of Business Marketing
Head of Client Solutions Team
Head of Key Account Partnerships, Vietnam
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Suntory Pepsico Vietnam
Content Creator
Người Tốt Làm Marketing
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