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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

8:00am – 9:00am

Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00am – 9:10am

Welcome from MMA

9:10am – 9:40am

Two Sides of the same Coin: How Casper Blends MMM and MTA

Two Sides of the same Coin: How Casper Blends MMM and MTA to Deliver Real-World Solutions

A disruptor in its own space, Casper is the award-winning, direct to consumer sleep company that has built a reputation on producing technically advanced products based on data and science. Casper is also data-driven when it comes to connecting their marketing efforts to revenue. In this session, Hairong Crigler Ph.D., SVP, Marketing Analytics and Data Science at Casper will share how it currently blends Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to gather insights and solve for and identify business challenges and opportunities. She will also discuss Casper’s quest for an all-encompassing MTA solution and what’s in store for them in the future.

SVP, Marketing Analytics and Data Science

9:40am – 10:10am

A Road Map for Marketers' Success with Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

A Road Map for Marketers' Success with Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

This session identifies the challenges and obstacles marketers face in the MTA process and maps out marketers’ journey from the stage of gaining familiarity with MTA to the stage of successful deployment. A Journey Map for marketers created by MMA MATT is presented, detailing the steps of the process required for successful MTA implementation. A description of how MATT deliverables can become handy in each of these steps, is also provided.

MMA MTA Expert & President
Rubinson Partners, Inc.

10:10am – 10:45am

Brand Image vs Customer Impact

Brand Image vs Customer Impact: How MTA can play a role in the Brand as Performance Debate

The most important unanswered question in marketing today centers around finding the optimal mix of brand vs performance marketing. This panel discussion brings together marketers and experts to discuss why the tension between performance and brand has never been greater, how the blindspot for long-term effects is preventing marketers from properly investing in the brand, and the role MTA can play to assign credit and control for exposure over time.

Media Manager II, Lead Media Center of Excellence
Ahold Delhaize U.S.
VP, Digital Acceleration
Campbell Soup Company
Chief Client Officer​
Conversion Logic
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10:45am – 11:15am

Networking Break

11:15am – 11:45am

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West: Creating Order Out of the MTA Chaos

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West: Creating Order Out of the MTA Chaos

After a very long journey, your organization finally has connected user-level data. Now what? Senior Data & Applied Scientist, Michele Garner currently “sheriffs” Microsoft’s MTA program and will discuss key learnings and best practices from her own “Wild West” experiences. From vendor selection to modeling to creating meaningful change, Michele will share watch outs and tips and tricks on how to put “giddy up” into an MTA program.
Senior Data & Applied Scientist, Customer & Marketing Research
Microsoft Corporation

11:45am – 12:15pm

The Tiger Team Open Mic: Part 1

The Tiger Team Open Mic Part 1: From Multi-Touch to People-Based – Challenges and Opportunities of Holistic Attribution​

Get ready to grab a mic (or drop one for that matter) and participate in the Tiger Team Open Mic sessions. The Tiger Team Open Mic @ MATT Unplugged is where we “unplug” and provide an intimate backdrop for a hands-on, interactive discussion allowing attendees to dig in with the presenters and be a part of the agenda. This is your opportunity to ask the tough questions, share experiences and be inspired while debating best practices for the industry.

Connecting the full customer journey across touchpoints, devices, and channels has proved an appealing but elusive goal for many marketers. In this open mic session, attendees are invited to share their perspective about the status quo, the challenges, and the opportunities of People-Based Attribution through live polls and engaging commentary.

VP of Sales
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12:15pm – 1:15pm

Networking Luncheon

1:20pm – 1:55pm

Make or Buy, In-house or Outsource: That is the Question

Make or Buy, In-house or Outsource?: That is the Question

Assembling an attribution engine capable of answering all of your organization’s strategic and marketing needs is complex. The decision to bring MTA in-house or to outsource will depend on a lot of factors, such as internal skillset, access to cutting edge tools, ability to comply with evolving regulatory standards, and most importantly cost. In this panel discussion hear from marketers and experts who have gone through this process, the thinking behind what they chose and why, and tips they wished they had known at the start of their journey.


Global CMI Director, Media Insight
Director of Digital Media Acquisition
American Express
Chief Research Officer

1:55pm – 2:25pm

Data Restrictions and Workarounds for Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

Data Restrictions and Workarounds for Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

Data sharing, and more specifically, the ability to link ad serving and content viewing with conversions at a user level, is at the heart of a successful Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) deployment. However, practices and regulations, such as “Walled Gardens” and GDPR compromise the completeness and accuracy of MTA modeling. This session will discuss these restrictions and offer four workaround strategies marketers can use when implementing MTA in a data sharing restricted environment.

MMA MTA Expert & President
Rubinson Partners, Inc.

2:25pm – 2:55pm

The Tiger Team Open Mic: Part 2

The Tiger Team Open Mic: Part 2

This Tiger Team Open Mic will focus on walled gardens, challenges marketers face in accessing user-level data especially with the new GDPR regulations, and successful workaround strategies. You’ll walk away with proven ideas and solutions or crowdsource a new way to handle this issue. This is the only event where you can collaborate, challenge and conspire with fellow attendees to shape the future of attribution. No topic is off the table.

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2:55pm – 3:15pm

Networking Break

3:15pm – 3:45pm

Breaking Down Attribution & Mobile

Breaking Down Attribution & Mobile

In this session Leah Beirne, Director of Media and Acquisition, E*TRADE and Alexander Stadnyk, VP Analytics at Assembly will share lessons learned from E*TRADE's relentless pursuit of complete customer journey data across channels, devices and platforms.
Director of Media and Acquisition
VP, Analytics

3:45pm – 4:20pm

After MTA, What Comes Next?

After MTA, What Comes Next?

There is no one-size fits all model for Multi-Touch Attribution. Marketers who have implemented MTA have gone through huge learning curves discovering what an MTA solution is best used for, when it should be used and how to use it. In this fast-paced session, marketers and experts will share best practices and learnings from implementing MTA. See where their MTA journey is taking them, what gaps they’ve identified and how they see the future of attribution evolving.

Digital & Marketing Analytics Manager
Vice President of New Business
Principal Analyst
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4:20pm – 4:25pm

Closing Remarks

4:25pm – 5:25pm

Networking Reception

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