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The first annual MATT Unplugged event brings together marketers, attribution experts and data-focused thought leaders, for a day dedicated to one of the most complex—and most critical—topics: multi-channel attribution (MTA). Here, insiders and experts will discuss and define the future of data-driven marketing, with an eye on more accurate, more actionable methodologies.

This is an essential conversation and one poised to #ShapetheFuture™ of marketing. As customers demand increased personalization and heightened value in every brand interaction, it’s essential enterprises understand attribution and how to structure their media allocation. Join us at Unplugged to learn more about this complex topic and how you can leverage MTA to drive greater engagement—and greater ROI.

A complex and critical topic facing every marketer
Determining the value of your marketing activities is more critical and complex than ever. By using an MTA solution to understand the value of your customer touchpoints and actions taken, you will be better positioned to make more strategic media allocations, maximizing engagements and future conversions.

Learn from the best in the business
The biggest brands and businesses in the world are working through their own MTA solution implementation. Learn from industry leaders and attribution experts from Target, Casper, Microsoft, Chobani, Unilever and more, and walk away with actionable next steps and emerging best practices, no matter what stage of MTA implementation.

Overcome MTA complexities and challenges
Data sharing restrictions and siloed environments challenge the completeness and accuracy of even the most robust MTA modeling. By better understanding these hurdles and simple workarounds, you can implement efficient, effective MTA no matter the challenges.

Expand your professional network and know-how
Attending Unplugged brings you face-to-face with the trends, themes and influencers driving the marketing industry forward. Unplugged content is driven by our unparalleled insights and expertise, emerging from the MMA network and Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT), a working group made up of innovative marketers, analysts and thought leaders. By attending, you’ll unlock proprietary data, tools and resources to drive your business—and your MTA strategies—forward, while growing your inner circle of experts and insiders.

Gain added confidence—and conversions
If you’ve been tasked with media buying for your brand or your clients, understanding MTA is critical to your success—and theirs. Your ability to interpret and act on attribution dictates your ability to develop consistent, cohesive, high-converting media campaigns that drive increased ROI and consumers acquisition.

Engage your customers on a hot button topic
If you service marketers, analysts or decision-makers at marketing-led organizations, they’re more than likely immersed in understanding and integrating MTA.

Marketers and attribution specialists from leading brands from Chobani, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Wyndham, Intuit, Marriott, GSK, Unilever, Pfizer, Calvin Klein and more will be in attendance. By learning how these and other global brands are making their marketing investment decisions—and by networking with these key contacts live—you’ll gain the insights you need to build your business and better serve your customer base.

Hear how marketers tackle challenges with data sharing
As your clients work to better understand and act on MTA, they’re coming face-to-face with a host of new and emerging data transparency and sharing challenges. From walled gardens and siloed data to GDPR and enhanced privacy concerns, these challenges can make optimizing media allocations tougher than ever. At MATT Unplugged, you will hear the workaround strategies marketers are leveraging to better understand the value of their media investments and learn how you can help marketers unlock attribution.

Measure the power of your media investments
MTA isn’t just for marketing-driven brands. It’s also essential you and your organization understand the power of your own branded media campaigns as well as client media buys. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to drive greater experiences with greater effectiveness, all while getting the attribution credit you deserve. Without these processes in place, you could lose business to the competition, even if your campaigns are performing at their peak.

Engage brands and decision-makers who matter
This inaugural Unplugged event is drawing decision-makers, influencers and pacesetters from all corners of the marketing industry—people who care about MTA and are setting the agenda for what comes next. By aligning with these thought leaders as well as MMA members and our pioneering Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT), you’ll gain access to one of the largest pools of MTA resources available anywhere, and out yourself on the front line of this seismic industry shift.

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