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MMA-Lightspeed August EMEA Mobile Consumer Briefings -- Mobile Adverts

Are mobile phone owners in the UK, France and Germany noticing adverts delivered to their mobile phones and are they responding to these adverts?

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MMA-Luth August 2010 US Mobile Consumer Briefing -- Mobile Advertising

Within the past month, how often did mobile users notice an advertisement on their mobile phone? How often did they respond? What type of advertisements did mobile users respond to and what products/services were they promoting? What types of ads are most affective and would make mobile users more likely to purchase or learn more about a product?

These questions were addressed in the recent SavvyQuest™ omnibus survey sponsored by MMA conducted August 16 to August 20, 2010. Fully, 92% of all U.S. adult consumers surveyed for this study reported having a cell phone. Respondents who owned a cell phone participated in the full study and were asked the following questions regarding their cell phone and usage of certain mobile phone features:

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MMA-Lightspeed July EMEA Mobile Consumer Briefings -- Mobile Internet

How are mobile phone owners in the UK, Germany and France likely to use their mobile phones to access the mobile internet next year?

When consumers access the mobile Internet over the coming year, what methods will they use to find and enter the sites and what content do they want to access?

To find out the MMA ran an online survey on the Lightspeed Research omnibus in three major EMEA markets from the 20 to the 24 August 2010. Respondents who owned a mobile phone were asked about their expected mobile internet usage.

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MMA-Luth July US Mobile Consumer Briefing -- Mobile Internet

Over the next year, what types of mobile websites will mobile users visit and what kind of content will they access on their mobile phones? What features would make it more likely for a mobile user to visit a website on their mobile phone? How likely would mobile users visit a mobile site that required a paid subscription?

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MMA Lightspeed June EMEA Mobile Consumer Briefings: Mobile Response Adverts

NOTE TO MEMBERS:  Be sure to log in using your MMA password to display and click on links below to download reports for each of UK, France, and Germany, along with accompanying data sets.  Non-members may purchase reports by emailing [email protected]


Are mobile phone owners in the UK, France and Germany noticing adverts that provide a medium to respond through their mobile phones and if so in which media are they noticing such adverts?

Which type of media do they feel is most suited to mobile response and do consumers have a preference for the type of mobile response? Do consumers feel that a mobile response option would make them more likely to respond to adverts?

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MMA-Luth June 2010 US Mobile Consumer Briefing: Mobile Response

NOTE:  The full report consists of four elements:  a powerpoint summary as well as 3 separate sets of data tables, organized by demographic, carrier, and handset manufacturer.  Please be sure to download all four documents below.

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2nd Annual View From Madison Avenue: 2010 US Advertiser and Agency Survey (Prelim Findings)

Preliminary Findings From MMA's 2010 Advertiser and Agency Survey
WhatMMA's second annual online survey about whether Brands and Agencies use mobile – and if so, how.
Who Responded? Sample frame consisted of marketers who make decision about media spend, from lists provided by Chief Marketer Magazine and Advertising Database. No current M

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List of MMA Mobile Consumer Briefings Titles For 2010

These documents list the titles of all the currently available or forthcoming MMA Mobile Consumer Briefings for the US and EMEA (UK, France, and Germany).

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