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MMA-Luth June 2010 US Mobile Consumer Briefing: Mobile Response

NOTE:  The full report consists of four elements:  a powerpoint summary as well as 3 separate sets of data tables, organized by demographic, carrier, and handset manufacturer.  Please be sure to download all four documents below.

In which media outlets do mobile phone users notice advertisements that allow a mobile response? Which types of media work best for mobile response ads? Which response method would mobile users prefer to use to respond to an ad with their mobile phone?
 These questions were addressed in the recent SavvyQuest™ omnibus survey sponsored by MMA conducted June 28 to July 2, 2010. Fully, 88% of all U.S. adult consumers surveyed for this study reported having a cell phone. Respondents who owned a cell phone participated in the full study and were asked the following questions regarding their cell phone and usage of certain mobile phone features:
•Manufacturer of current cell phone
•Current cellular service provider
•Time last noticed an ad allowing a mobile response
•Media types where noticed an ad with mobile response
•Best media types for mobile response
•Preferred mobile response method
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