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How are mobile phone owners in the UK, Germany and France likely to use their mobile phones to access the mobile internet next year?

When consumers access the mobile Internet over the coming year, what methods will they use to find and enter the sites and what content do they want to access?

To find out the MMA ran an online survey on the Lightspeed Research omnibus in three major EMEA markets from the 20 to the 24 August 2010. Respondents who owned a mobile phone were asked about their expected mobile internet usage.

The survey covered

  • Expected frequency of mobile internet access over next year
  • Mobile sites consumers most want to visit
  • Means of finding sites
  • Content/format types consumers want to access from their mobile
  • Site features likely to increase visits from mobile consumers
  • Attitudes towards fee-for-use sites
  • Willingness to receive mobile alerts
  • Reasons for not visiting mobile sites
  • Message (text) plan used
  • Brand of mobile phone
  • Current mobile phone operator

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