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Mobile Consumer Briefing

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Are mobile phone owners in the UK, France and Germany noticing adverts that provide a medium to respond through their mobile phones and if so in which media are they noticing such adverts?

Which type of media do they feel is most suited to mobile response and do consumers have a preference for the type of mobile response? Do consumers feel that a mobile response option would make them more likely to respond to adverts?

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September 2009 US Mobile Consumer Briefing:  Cellphone Ads received and Responded To

Leveraging Luth Research’s online panel, SurveySavvy™, this SavvyQuest™ omnibus survey was run from August 31 to September 4, 2009, with 996 completes. Respondents were screened so that only those who own a cell phone participated in the study. They were asked the following questions regarding their cell phone:

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