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September 2009 US Mobile Consumer Briefing: Cell Phone Ads Received and Responded To

September 2009 US Mobile Consumer Briefing:  Cellphone Ads received and Responded To

Leveraging Luth Research’s online panel, SurveySavvy™, this SavvyQuest™ omnibus survey was run from August 31 to September 4, 2009, with 996 completes. Respondents were screened so that only those who own a cell phone participated in the study. They were asked the following questions regarding their cell phone:

  • Brand of current cell phone
  • Current cellular service provider
  • Number of cell phone ads responded to
  • How received cell phone ads responded to
  • Cell phone usage to text message to company who placed ad, scanning bar code and/or used GPS
  • Number of products/services purchased after receiving ad on cell phone and total amount spent


More than half of respondents (56%) have not received an ad on their cell phone in the past year. While close to a third (29%) had a received one or more ads but not responded, 14% of respondents had responded to a cell phone ad at least once in the past year. Of those who responded to an ad, nearly half (48%) had received a text message ad. This was followed by “saw ad on website I was visiting on my cell phone” (17%), “it was in an email I received on my cell phone” (10%), “I received a voice recorded message” (7%) and “it was inside a mobile application” (6%).

Looking at those respondents who had responded to one or more cell phone ads:

  • Nearly two thirds (65%) had also used their cell phone to text one or more messages to a company regarding a product/service they saw on media other than their cell phone.
  • A third (32%) had used their cell phone camera or scanner to copy a bar code at least once this past year.
  • More than half (55%) had used the GPS function on their cell phone.

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