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MMA/Lightspeed May EMEA Consumer Briefings: Mobile Commerce
Lightspeed Research Insights – Mobile commerce
How are mobile phone owners in France, the UK, and Germany using their mobile phones and are they currently participating in any mobile commerce?
Are consumers using their mobile phone as a means to purchase or pay for goods and services? If so, what types of accounts are they using to pay for the goods and what channels are they using to pay for these goods? Were they satisfied with the experience and how interested would they be in using their mobile phone for transactions in the future?
To find out the MMA ran an online survey on the Lightspeed Research omnibus in France, Germany and the UK from the 22 to the 26 April 2010. Respondents who owned a mobile phone were asked about their current mobile commerce usage and how likely they were to use mobile commerce in the future.
Reports and sets of full data tables are available for download for each of the UK, France, and Germany from the links below.

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