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 MMA/Lightspeed UK Mobile Consumer Briefing: Consumer Response to Location-Based Services

How are mobile phone owners in the UK, France and Germany using their mobile phone and what impact are location-based services having on consumer response to mobile adverts? Are they using the ‘Current Location’ function on their phone and are they being exposed to adverts while using their phone. Would they be interested in having tailored messages and content based on where they were located?
To find out the MMA ran an online survey on the Lightspeed Research omnibus in France, Germany and the UK from the 19 to the 22 March 2010. Respondents who owned a mobile phone were asked about their current mobile usage and how likely they were to use their ‘current location’ function of their mobile phone.
The survey covered
·        Manufacturer of mobile phone
·        Current mobile phone operator
·        Message (text) plan used
·        Usage of ‘Current Location‘ function
·        Viewing and responding to adverts on their mobile phone
·        What type of offer tailored by location content would they like to receive?
Written reports and full data tables for each of UK, France and Germany can be found by clicking the links below.

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