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Marketing Growth

The Evolving Role of the Chief Digital Officer is a report for MMA Global based on in-depth interviews with 50 CDOs from global companies across multiple industries conducted by the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. The report provides a framework for the future of the CDO role, intended to provoke thought among CDOs themselves as well as their executive team colleagues.
November, 2022
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Marketing Capability Benchmark

How “mature” is your organization’s marketing capability benchmark?

We are inviting you and other CMOs/Senior Marketers to participate in a research study on Marketing Capabilities that MMA Global is conducting with professors from Emory University, Indiana University, and the University of Georgia.

After completing, you will receive a personalized capabilities benchmark report of your input relative to the full 1,000+ database.

To drive growth in the digital age, marketing needs to modernise a specific set of capabilities and mindsets.
But as complexity grows, marketers face increasingly difficult choices about where to allocate their investments; what objectives and tactics to choose; and what capabilities to develop in order to drive future growth.

This report – a collaboration between WARC and MMA APAC – examines how the industry is approaching these challenges, with a focus on current trends and future opportunities.

October, 2022
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Research Reveals The Great Divide When It Comes To Marketing Growth

Author Roy T. Bennett once said: “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” Now, I don’t think Mr. Bennett was referring to marketers when he said this – I’m thinking this is more of a general, overall human declaration but it is absolutely applicable to marketers in the context of growth.

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