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Connecting through Voice: How Marketers can Use Voice Tech to Augment Brands

There are now apps and desktop widgets that remind us to drink water periodically. Our smart watches help us breathe well and breathe right. These are telling tales about how busy we are and how technology comes to help us live a better life. 

Every technology advancement has held true of the first principle, that it must make our life easy and better. AI enabled voice technology checks all the right boxes when it comes to helping us lead a better life. 

Voice for Bharat: Building Smart Solutions for ‘Not So Smart’ Phones

With rural spending overtaking urban markets due to higher agricultural incomes, and decent rain and government stimulus harbouring hope of a faster bounce back, 2020 maybe a year of rural markets in India.

There is a clear rise in demand from Rural India due to the large number of migrant labourers going back home and thus fuelling the demand at a rate higher than before. Thus, there is no surprise that consumer companies are focussing their spending on rural markets with promotions, products and offers.

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May 20 & 21, 2021

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