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MTV Takes Comedy Central Mobile

World renowned MTV wanted to make the Comedy Central experience available anytime, anywhere, on any mobile phone. Reaching over 82 million U.S. cable households in the US and rated the world's most valuable media brand*, MTV’s mobile strategy would need to be perfectly executed to increase revenues and boost its hard earned brand capital.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The challenge lay in implementing a program that eliminated the fragmentation in a mobile market that has thousands of handsets, hundreds of carriers and dozens of networks, a diversity of mobile device standards and numerous distribution channels with differing revenue models. MTV needed an end-to-end mobile solution that provided a fast and efficient path to mobile revenues.

MTV selected Nellymoser to produce, distribute and monetize its content in the mobile market. Nellymoser's ASAO Next Generation Mobile Media Platform, unique creative capabilities and dedication to designing world-class consumer experiences created "Take Out," an on device portal utilizing Nellymoser’s turnkey, white label, MediaPlex Solution Suite. “Take Out” provides on-demand video, streaming audio, personalization and user generated content to Comedy Central’s discerning base of fans anytime, anywhere across the widest range of handsets. Using Nellymoser’s solution MTV achieved several goals: fast track to mobile revenues, new standards for quality of user experience, increased consumer reach and rapid consumption of mobile content.

With the ability to reach close to 35 million subscribers on three different networks in the US, Comedy Central’s “Take Out” not only sets new standards in usability and quality of user experience, but also market penetration. Users can watch on-demand video from shows like "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," "South Park" and "The Colbert Report;" listen to audio streams of comedy routines; preview and purchase ringtones and wallpapers; schedule SMS reminders for upcoming Comedy Central TV shows; and send e-mail roasts, or insults, to friends, all from their mobile phones. Nellymoser’s ASAO Next Generation Mobile Media Platform enables MTV to touch one individual at a time and create valuable, lasting relationships and communities anytime, anywhere.

*Interbrand's 2001 survey "The World's Most Valuable Brands

About Nellymoser
Nellymoser is the leading provider of rich mobile media solutions for mass market, network connected mobile devices. Utilizing Nellymoser's ASAO Next Generation Mobile Media Platform and portfolio of solution suites, media companies and network operators deliver interactive and personalized mobile experiences that include video, music, ringtones, graphics and games, making it easy and fun for consumers to search, discover, preview, purchase, share and enjoy mobile content directly from their mobile devices. Customers include MTV, Warner Music Group, IGN/Fox, InfoMedia, Microsoft, Zingy, Leapfrog, Sony, Ericsson, Vivendi and Electronic Arts. For more information, visit


CAMPAIGN-Discovery Channel

COMPANY<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

ipsh! – an Omnicom company (

Create a mobile marketing campaign surrounding the second season of Discovery Channel’s “I Shouldn't Be Alive” first three programs as part of the company’s overall marketing initiative to promote the series.  The campaign included branded web pages, mobile wallpaper and ringtones, as well as program trivia and text messages, to help increase viewership among Discovery Channel’s loyal audience base.

ipsh! designed and hosted a series of web pages that allow users to register for “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” text messages, and participate in an online and mobile trivia game, which automatically enters them into the show’s sweepstakes.  The answers to the trivia could be found by watching the week’s episode and enter them into the sweepstakes to win weekly prizes and one grand prize after the conclusion of the third episode.  To facilitate, viral marketing, users could send text messages via to encourage their friends to participate and win prizes.

By signing-up for the alerts, users (Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint) were able to download free wallpapers and/or ringtones.

More than 17,000 people signed up via text and web combined to receive SMS trivia and reminders to watch the show. More than 16,000 users entered the sweepstakes; with twice as many users entering via text vs web. 30 percent of users who signed-up, opted to receive future notices from Discovery Channel.




How to start a true hype among youngsters - with a mobile revival of the good old Panini album.

12Snap - A NeoMedia Technologies Company (

Develop an innovative mass-market loyalty campaign for Ferrero’s premium brands duplo & hanuta. Use an innovative mechanism that attracts young adults and creates a collecting effect to generate repeat purchases.

Develop a modern version of the Panini collector’s album using the youngster’s favourite medium, the mobile phone. Consumers found instructions on how to download the album, an innovative Java application, on hanuta & duplo multi packs. After starting it, unique codes from the products could easily be entered. Users could redeem mobile specials derived from the blockbuster hit “Madagascar” with each code. An overview of all 50 different kinds of mobile specials - from wallpapers and ringtones to games – kept consumers up to date. “What am I still missing in my gallery?” became a real talk-about – and started the collecting fever.

An incredible 9% response rate and 850.000 participations in only 15 weeks. 30% of all participants entered a series of codes during the promotion; the most active participant even entered 62 codes!

About NeoMedia Technologies

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc ( is the worldwide leader in Mobile Marketing.  Across our leading-edge mobile services providers, over 4 billion on-pack mobile marketing promotions have been enabled, including the largest-ever mobile campaigns. Today, mobile campaigns ranging from SMS/text campaigns to barcode-enabled campaigns can be launched and supported by a combination of applications, technology, and creative services. Our R&D efforts are at the forefront of the industry, creating next generation code-reading capabilities, visual matching, and mobile couponing technology solutions, as well as the world’s most creative, effective and fun mobile campaigns.  NeoMedia holds 27 patents with coverage in 14 countries.

Our global solutions include: PaperClick (, 12Snap ( Gavitec (, Mobot (, Sponge ( and HipCricket (<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Mobile Marketing and CRM Solutions Help Deepen Customer Relationships and Drive New Revenue Streams

In response to the emergence of mobile technology as a mass-market medium, in late 2005, House of Blues® in partnership with Motorola, became interested in offering new and existing customers novel types of interactive campaigns as a means to incentivize and reward its youth demographic.  Soapbox Mobile fulfilled the company’s needs with a complete, full-service mobile solution using the Soapbox Anywhere™ platform to power interactive mobile campaigns including triggered and personalized SMS-based quizzes, contests, and alerts.  These mobile campaigns were aimed at drawing attention to upcoming music events specific to each of House of Blues’ nationwide locations

MOBILE SOLUTION<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

·          Enhance Image: Cutting edge of new media adoption

·          Leverage Mobile: Usage for target demographic

·          Build Database: Mobile subscribers for follow-up campaigns

·          Promotions of promote bands, mobile ticket sales




House of Blues has built a nationwide presence as a trendy venue for music, food and nightlife.  Customers recognize House of Blues as the premier branded entertainment venue, attracting a wide variety of demographic audience segments with locations across America’s hippest cities.  Its target demographic is young professionals. 

House of Blues, presently using the Web for consumer interactivity in addition to other more traditional means of marketing, decided to leverage the mobile channel to deepen its relationship with its existing and new customers. Recognizing mobile as a personal, one-to-one mass market medium that is ‘always on’, House of Blues tapped Soapbox Mobile to create its mobile campaigns.  The Soapbox Anywhere™ platform provided personalized mobile interaction in addition to  a valuable database of mobile users. The House of Blues mobile trivia (SMS) campaign placed a ‘call-to-action’ across in-house TV screens and person-to-person street team interaction by means of unique short codes assigned to House of Blues venues across the U.S.  The Soapbox Mobile solution empowered House of Blues to track and report, in real-time, the effectiveness of its mobile campaigns for each of its nationwide locations.


·          Location-based campaign tracking & reporting

·          Interactive, 2-way SMS trivia campaign

·          Mobile coupon codes: redeem prizes

·          Cross-carrier: House of Blues SMS campaign’s work across all carriers and handsets in North America

In addition to building an interactive mobile trivia campaign, Soapbox Mobile also established and managed relationships with network operators in North America and the operator’s terms for multiple, unique vanity (custom) short codes for each House of Blues location. As a result House of Blues customers can now engage in opt-in mobile contests regardless of their carrier.


·          Build mobile database for future use in promotion and sales

·          Unrivaled distribution in leveraging mobile channel and customer reach

·          Enhanced image as vanguard of new media & digital entertainment

·          Precision ability to track, monitor & report marketing effectiveness in real-time

Soapbox Mobile helped House of Blues enhance its loyal customer base by extending and diversifying its marketing program to include the mobile channel.  Owing to the valuable database of mobile users House of Blues has been able collect through the Soapbox Anywhere platform, the company now has an indispensable asset in targeting an audience for its future mobile initiatives. House of Blues has been able to create a stronger relationship with its customers, enhance the visibility of its brand, and has also delivered value to its mobile partner, Motorola.

Public Relations for Soapbox Mobile
Axis Marketing & PR
Sarah Miller
[email protected]
Telephone:  +1.323.653.7800

NBC Olympics – February 10th through February 26th

NBC Olympics and GoldPocket Wireless brought the excitement of the games straight to the viewer’s phone. Running from February 10th through the end of the games on February 26th, users could sign up to participate in the “NBC Olympics Trivia Challenge”, vote for which athletes deserved the gold, text in questions for show announcers, and received breaking news alerts on their favorite athletes and events. 

How it Worked:
Trivia buffs could sign up for the Trivia Challenge by texting the word “TRIVIA” to 62288 (NBCTV). For only $0.99, subscribers then received 3 questions per day, testing their knowledge of all things related to the Winter Games, past and present. NBC producers in Torino were able to create and schedule questions remotely (to keep the trivia current and relevant to daily events), using GoldPocket Wireless’s EMConnect Campaign Manager.

Various events also gave viewers at home the chance to vote on which athletes performed exceptionally. Viewers were prompted to send in the word “VOTE” to 62288 (NBCTV), at which point they received a ballot on their phones which will let them vote for the athletes that had stellar performances that day.

“Olympic Ice”, a daily show that aired at 6pm EST on USA Network, gave viewers the chance to ask co-host Dick Button questions that he answered on-air during the “Push Dick’s Button” segment of the show. Questions and comments for Dick were submitted by texting the word “PUSH”, followed by the question text, to 62288.

GoldPocket Wireless also powered all the mobile alerts from GoldPocket’s APIs were integrated with the web-site to provide real-time breaking news alerts in over one hundred categories, including USA gold medal updates, as well as updates on specific events and athletes.

Promotional Campaign Description:
NBC promoted the wireless campaigns throughout the shows mentioned above utilizing lower third advertising and on-air prompts.  Additional promotion was done on the website.

NBC wanted to offer their viewers a way to become fully immersed in the Olympics experience, even when they were away from their televisions. Real-time alerts on favorite athletes and events, clever and engaging trivia questions, and opportunities to vote on athlete performances gave NBC viewers the chance to live the excitement of the Olympics throughout the Games.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

About GoldPocket Wireless:
GoldPocket Wireless is the leading provider of mobile content creation, management, and transport solutions to the North American media industry, with the only advanced scalable product suite that allows media companies to manage and deliver all forms of mobile content to any mobile device. GoldPocket Wireless's interactive systems are widely accepted as the industry standard, and the company’s customer list is simply unmatched in North America, including top media companies such as CBS, NBC, CNN, GSN, A&E, History Channel, Sci Fi Channel, and Bravo.


Case Study:
Samsung uses Enpocket for rich MMS mobile marketing campaign and boosts mobile content downloads

Response rates from MMS game promotion outperform traditional media

Objectives of the campaign<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><?xml:namespace prefix = w ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:word" />Samsung created its “Fun Club” as a way to engage with Samsung mobile phone owners to help them get the most from their phones.  Samsung provides content such as games, ringers, and wallpapers that are designed specifically for Samsung mobile phone models.  Hearing about new mobile content is one of the benefits of joining the “Fun Club.”   Samsung was looking for a new way to use rich multimedia to promote the game, Skipping Stone, to its customers.

Enpocket’s solution
Samsung engaged Enpocket to create a mobile marketing campaign promoting Skipping Stone using the graphically rich MMS channel.  With MMS, Samsung could use attention-grabbing graphics and text to engage audiences and also provide a snapshot of the game.

The exclusive MMS promotion gave recipients a preview of iPlay’s widely acclaimed mobile game, and then the chance to instantly download a free demo using a WAP link embedded in the message.  Once respondents had trialed the free demo they could then go on to buy the full game from a dedicated WAP site.

Enpocket’s award-winning MMS Creative Team developed the campaign creative.  Then, Samsung used the Enpocket Marketing Engine to manage the campaign and deliver the MMS messages to Samsung handset owners across four mobile networks and finally to measure the results.

The MMS campaign achieved response rates of over 15% and a conversion rate of 2%, which offers quantitative proof that mobile marketing using rich media can dramatically outperform traditional direct marketing channels.

              R/GA Make a Beautiful Noise

Company:        R/GA

R/GA wanted to send an interactive e-greeting to its clients during the 2005 holiday season. The campaign, entitled Make a Beautiful Noise, allowed e-greeting recipients to compose their own ringtone and download it to their cellphones.

R/GA contacted Kikucall to deliver the custom ringtones to domestic and international clients in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Finland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

o         Kikucall developed an online ringtone interface that was integrated into the e-greeting.

o         The interface collected consumer mobile phone information, and sent free Make a Beautiful Noise ringtones directly to consumer mobile phones via WAP-push SMS.

95 people who received the e-card completed an online form that pushed an SMS to their cellphones. 65% of people who had an SMS pushed to their phones then went on to download the ringtone.

Brand:              The N for Degrassi

Company:        Kikucall and Mr. Youth

Viacom’s teen cable network, The N, wanted to raise awareness of the new season of teen soap opera, “Degrassi.”  The network ran a Summer Mall Tour in twelve U.S. cities to excite viewers for the upcoming season, and to collect registration information from Degrassi fans.

The N’s promotions agency, Mr. Youth, contacted Kikucall to craft a campaign to extend the reach of the Summer Mall Tour into the fall when the new season of Degrassi was scheduled to premiere.  

In order to achieve the client’s goal, Kikucall implemented the “Degrassi Hot Texting” program, sending exclusive Degrassi text alerts to Degrassi fans. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

o         Kikucall and Mr. Youth collected registration information, including mobile phone number, from Degrassi fans attending the Mall Tour events.

o         Teens also registered to receive text alerts via the Summer Mall Tour website.

o         Kikucall sent weekly “Degrassi Hot Texting” messages to the Degrassi database in October and November 2005. The messages reminded teens to tune into the show, and revealed a secret URL to win Degrassi prizes.

Kikucall successfully delivered a total of 45,805 SMS messages to “Degrassi Hot Texting” registrants over five Fridays in October and November 2005.  Although the “Hot Texting” messages were not designed to solicit a response from registrants, Kikucall received 697 inbound SMS messages from Degrassi fans thanking The N for the text messages and offering positive feedback.

             Macquarie Regional Radioworks
Company:        Mobile 365

Macquarie Regional Radioworks appointed Mobile 365 to provide interactive services as part of an overall strategy to develop closer relationships with listeners, and to cement local community contact.

Macquarie Regional Radioworks owns the major share of commercial radio licenses in Australia, and represents 79% of the regional market (outside of the major capital cities). Regional radio is undergoing a resurgence, drawing consistently large audiences, with national advertising growing 14% per year on average.

Mobile 365 provided services for nine radio stations across Australia, including Sea FM, Mix FM, Gold FM, Nightmix, Fat 30, and 107.7 2GO on the NSW Central Coast.

With the emphasis on localized competitions to meet local needs, each radio station was encouraged to develop their own promotions and competitions. The system then had to cope with multiple competitions, users, and sites. Mobile 365’s application management tools were the answer, providing a robust, multi-user system incorporating inbound and outbound services. In addition, each station could develop individual marketing programs and competitions to suit their particular local needs and audiences. Inbound services incorporate votes, polls, shout-outs, comments, and competitions.

Macquarie particularly liked that each station could choose the promotion or competition that best suited their individual market. Stations were able to measure results at any time during their campaigns with the instantaneous real-time aggregation of entries. In addition, the application management tools enabled detailed analysis and reporting via an easy-to-access Web interface

NSW Central Coast radio station 1013 Sea FM ran the promotion in October 2005, with the major prize a Suzuki Swift car. The campaign revolved around listeners voting for “candidates” (local personalities and celebrities) and a final vote for the most popular person.


Macquarie has successfully integrated mobile into radio promotions with outstanding results. The Sea FM Car Election promotion was a great example of mobile working for regional radio. It received more than 65,000 entries over three weeks, greatly exceeding expectations.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />




Brand: T-Online (

Project: Mobile Video platform

Company: dynetic solutions GmbH (

T-Online’s goal was to set-up an innovative new universal mobile platform solution to deliver video content via the existing “” content portal. The mobile platform needed to support 2.5 and 3G video streaming and downloads, mobile content management to connect multiple content partners, automated DRM integration and dynamic universal video transcoding to support the highest possible number of mobile video devices available in the market today without utilizing a software that needs to install a special client video player software to watch it on a phone.  T-Online also aimed to open a new mobile video distribution channel and reach new customers.

dynetic’s mobile video industry solution of emoveo UAP was chosen to meet all of T-Online’s requirements. The emoveo UAP mobile video solution offers a total package of tools to easily bring videos to any mobile phone. Producers can flexibly manage mobile video content in categories and link it to the content portal. Content partners can deliver videos in one video format of their choice (Windows, Real, Quicktime etc.) and do not have to pre-produce it for mobile. Upon upload of a video the emoveo UAP platform automatically takes care for the transcoding and optimization of videos for hundreds of mobile video phones prior to delivery as download or stream. No producer interaction is required but if necessary the producer is able to use the advanced editing functions of emoveo UAP to cut and modify videos prior to delivery and set-up in content-management. emoveo UAP also automatically integrates OMA DRM 1.0 and 2.0 and Microsoft DRM on-the-fly uses sophisticated caching mechanisms to allow peak traffic of video users and at the same time deliver each video perfectly fitting the requesting device in unmatched quality. Each phone is recognized by the platform upon request and -based on a saved data profile in the emoveo UAP software- each video is transcoded and optimized to the pre-installed video player on each phone, necessary codecs, DRM, file size and bandwidth restrictions. In addition the platform delivers a complete user registration, tracking, billing of content and reporting tool in real-time.

The mobile platform offers more than 50 new videos from different categories each week, ranging from sports, news, to entertainment. In the news section users can watch daily news flashes, in the sports section live reports if soccer games can be viewed every weekend and users are able to download a horoscope video daily.

T-Online was the first ISP in Germany to offer a universal mobile video platform and present it on IFA exhibition in Berlin in 2005. The platform was the first to enable their content partners to publish video content mobile without having to pre-produce it prior to delivery. The videos are seamlessly integrated and linked within the content portal of T-Online and can be viewed in high quality on 3G networks and more phones than offered by any other provider today. T-Online is now ready to provide and expand its mobile video content portfolio and distribution.

About dynetic:
dynetic has created a mobile platform designed to provide the entire mobile business community the technology to transcode any content type to be delivered optimized to any mobile device automatically and on-the-fly. The emoveo UAP™ platform is the only and unmatched complete solution for <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • brand & content owners
  • publishers
  • application & software developers
  • service providers
  • media & marketing organizations
  • web-site & e-commerce companies
  • and mobile network operators

To develop, produce, manage, operate, test, bill, transcode and deliver their mobile content applications optimized across more than 2,500 mobile devices seamlessly and instantaneously.

emoveo UAP™ is connected to more than 40 operators (Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telia, Cingular, Sprint and others) throughout Europe, North America and Asia. It is being used by more than 70 business customers and major brands such as eBay International, T-Mobile International and RTL Television Group who rely on emoveo UAP™ as their only solution to deliver mobile content and applications to more than 20 million consumers every month.

emoveo UAP™ improves the quality and richness of mobile content applications and services for the provider and reduce production, development, testing and maintenance costs by more than 70 %.

dynetic opens the door to a vast and rapidly-growing mobile marketplace for businesses. Mobile devices represent the largest media access medium in history. With more than 1.8 billion subscribers worldwide, the mobile medium is currently reaching a larger audience than the Internet. The mobile content market is forecast to reach US$ 130 billion by 2008. Supported by 3G technology, which is expected to grow to 400 million subscribers by 2008, new mobile media types such as mobile video, TV, music downloads and gaming are conquering the mobile marketplace.

dynetic's vision is for emoveo UAP™ to become the “mobile layer” for every web-site in the Internet and the worldwide standard as the most-recognized software solution in mobile content adaptation, transcoding and delivery in the industry. Therefore dynetic is dedicated to innovation and constantly enhances the emoveo UAP™ platform. Our goal is to immediately support any and all mobile devices or content types as soon as they are available on the market. Our optimization and transcoding algorithms are constantly enhanced to enable the highest possible level of usability, speed and quality in mobile application delivery. In addition dynetic excels in helping businesses to compete in the mobile marketplace by providing turnkey mobile applications and full support services.