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The Weinstein Company
Interactive Mobile Scavenger Hunt
Client Company:
The Weinstein Company )TWC), is a multi-media company created by Bob and Harvey Weinstein and includes Dimension Films. In its history, Dimension Films has released some of the most successful franchises including "Scream," "Spy Kids" and "Scary Movie".
TWC wanted to support the release of Morgan Spurlock’s )“Super Size Me”) highly anticipated documentary film “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden” in a unique way. The promotion itself was expected to create buzz and viral marketing effect among movie aficionados.
An interactive mobile scavenger hunt contest enabled by SnapTell’s Snap.Send.Get™ mobile marketing solution was developed as the center piece of all movie promotion activities. The scavenger hunt contest challenged movie lovers to search their local supermarkets, colleges, high-schools, bars, nightclubs, newspapers and other destinations to find, photograph and email strategically placed “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?” branded reward flyers to SnapTell. In return, scavenger hunt contestants were entered into a drawing to win $1,000 in prize money. Also, participants received content and information related to the movie on their mobile phones.
The scavenger hunt contest ran between April 5, 2008 and April 18, 2008, the debut date of the movie. The multi-city contest was conducted in 5 major cities: Boson, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. In addition to reward flyers being distributed and printed in newspapers, the contest itself was promoted in a number of major radio stations in target cities.
The reward flyers activated by SnapTell’s technology did not have any bar codes or other special graphics printed on them. Also, no application downloads were required to assist with recognition.
  • First ever camera phone movie promotion in the U.S.
  • Movie fans engaged in scavenger hunt in-home )print ads) as well as out-of- home )flyers)
  • Significant responses received from all the 5 target cities
  • Measurable promotion effectiveness by city, time of day and media
  • Positioned TWC as an innovator among media companies
  • Image recognition rates of 99%+
About The Weinstein Company
The Weinstein Company )TWC) was created by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the brothers who founded Miramax Films Corporation in 1979. TWC is a multi-media company that officially launched on October 1, 2005. Dimension Films, the genre label that was founded in 1993 by Bob Weinstein, is also included under the TWC banner.
During the Weinsteins' tenure at Miramax Films the company released some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful independent feature films which received 249 Academy Award® nominations and won 60 Oscars®, have generated billions of dollars in worldwide box office receipts and billions more in home video sales. In its history, Dimension Films has released some of the most successful franchises including "Scream," "Spy Kids" and "Scary Movie.
About SnapTell
SnapTell is revolutionizing the way consumers and marketers connect. Using a camera phone and SnapTell's innovative image-recognition technology, users can easily and instantly access requested information and content. Marketers can effortlessly create high-impact campaigns using existing collateral and can alter their messaging on the fly in response to SnapTell-provided actionable metrics. SnapTell's Snap.Send.Get mobile marketing solution is currently being used by marketers at major brands and agencies to deploy interactive mobile marketing campaigns.
For further information on the company visit:
Come rain,come sunshine – Bluetooth campaigns works… )BLIP Systems & Gaffa)
BLIP Systems & Gaffa
Outdoor Music festival “Beat day”
Music festivals draws big crowds with the big names and Gaffa was on the
spot at the infamous music events in Denmark of the summer 2007.
GAFFA is a versatile company with its core business being music. The company is sub-branching though into many difference directions, one of them being the successful GAFFA mobil. GAFFA is very aware of its marketing campaign, and one of the cornerstones in the marketing plan is to expose the GAFFA brand with mobile marketing and in particular at music events.
The overall campaign goal was to increase the participants festival experience, increase word-of- mouth of the event and supply the fans with live music from the day, which ultimately leads to higher sales.
Prior to the festival live date, Gaffa finds the strategically best placement for the BlipNodes. GAFFA Mobil draws upon its prior experience in implementing the bluetooth mobile marketing solution from BLIP Systems in the outdoor environment with the cultural context at the 2007 Beatday festival.
GAFFA Mobil had developed a BLIP Explorer, a mobile brochure, which contained a music program for that day, a link to a list of true-tones for the bands that played and contact possibilities.
The interest was extremely high at the festival and 23% of the participants at the festival had visible bluetooth. Gaffa also did the ticket sales for the event, which influenced the results in a positively, as the participants had to come by the Gaffa location. Success download was 21%.
BlipZones Partner
MTV Networks’ The N About a Girl )Nokia)
The client – The N
The N, MTV Networks’ nighttime network for teens, airs 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. ET and is available in 57 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite television. The N's mission is to be the authentic voice for teens and help them figure out their lives with sharp, relevant, topical programming on-air and online. The N features award-winning original shows including: Degrassi: The Next Generation, Instant Star, South of Nowhere and O’Grady.
The challenge
In the fall of 2007, The N, the night-time network for teens and a programming arm of MTV Networks, launched a new series, About a Girl. The program follows Amy, an overachiever who thought she had college all planned out, but she never expected to spend her sophomore year sharing a house with four guys.
To connect with the network’s audience, teens and young adults age 13 to 24, executives turned to mobile, working with Nokia Interactive to help raise awareness of the television program and drive viewership. The objectives were to:
• Build awareness of About a Girl and The N
• Drive consumers to watch About a Girl
• Encourage visitors to view the About a Girl mobile Web site to sign up for text alerts
The solution
The Nokia Interactive team worked closely with representatives from The N to ensure the creation of a compelling and multifaceted, built-for-mobile experience while maintaining the show’s brand ‘voice.’ To drive traffic to the mobile Web site, Nokia Interactive created mobile banner ads that ran for the 13-week program on carriergrade media.
The Nokia Interactive Platform powered the mobile Web site, which includes a number of interactive mechanics, including a station finder, a mobile “love matchmaker,” character biographies, a contest to win a $3,000 bedroom makeover, and show text alerts that were coupled with weekly giveaways to discourage alert opt-outs. One of the most popular and innovative facets of the site allows visitors to make their own mobile wallpaper with pictures of the program’s stars.
The results
With the help of Nokia Interactive , The N was able to establish a channel for ongoing communications with its fan base, via text alerts. The N can now use mobile to deepen the relationship and drive viewership by sending tune-in reminders.
In addition to helping foster a relationship between the brand – The N – and its audience, average mobile Web site views increased dramatically with mobile banner advertising:
• 44 times as many home page views
• 2.5 times as many contest submissions
• 53 times as many video downloads
Client: MTV Networks’ The N
Sector: Entertainment, Television Programming
Challenge: Drive visitors to the About a Girl mobile Web site to sign up for text alerts
Solution: Targeted mobile advertising and engaging mobile Web site
Result: Active audience participation with mobile content downloads, contest submissions, and channel finder
Future: Features, including character bios, have been added to the About a Girl WAP site
Nokia Interactive © 2008
About Nokia Interactive
Nokia Interactive provides marketers with a standardized, global approach to mobile advertising and marketing. The Company offers brands global mobile advertising reach across more than 100 million mobile consumers through the Nokia Media Network, a mobile advertising network comprised of blue-chip publishers, Tier 1 mobile operators and Nokia properties. Nokia Interactive also provides an end-to-end, high-value mobile advertising experience to engage consumers and reach new audiences. With offices in Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Minneapolis, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Paris, Singapore and Shanghai, Nokia Interactive is helping brands reach new consumers and helping publishers monetize their media. To see mobile advertising in action, visit on your mobile phone. For more information, please call +1 617 262 7001.
Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries.

HGTV Uses Mobile to Engage Viewers and Generate Revenue through Sponsored Messaging


Company: Proteus
Brand: HGTV
In an effort to capitalize on its popular reality show HGTV Design Star and to further engage its audience in the outcome of the program, Scripps Networks wanted to include a mobile voting component during Design Star’s final week, through which users could determine the winner by voting via text message on their mobile phones.
Additionally, HGTV and Scripps Networks were looking for a way to take advantage of the expected high volume of SMS votes by incorporating one of the program’s sponsors into the mobile portion of the program.
Having worked with mobile marketing partner Proteus on past SMS initiatives, HGTV utilized Proteus’ SMS polling application, which has a proven track record of supporting high-traffic live network voting, to capture SMS votes from viewers.
Users could submit their picks for the Design Star Season 2 winner by texting A or B to HGTV’s short code, 44881 )HGTV1). HGTV included a sponsor mention in the SMS “thank you” reply to each text vote and, through Proteus’ SMS Auto Response feature, gave users the opportunity to opt in to an additional dedicated message from the program’s sponsor, creating more impressions for Design Star’s sponsorship partner and additional advertising revenue for Scripps Networks.













·          More than 300,000 total SMS votes were received during the three-day finale voting window, with each reply containing a mention of the program’s sponsor and instructions on how to reply for a dedicated sponsor text message.
·          More than 67,000 unique viewers voted and saw the sponsor’s message in their “thank you” text replies.
·          Approximately 7% of users who voted requested the additional dedicated sponsor message, creating nearly 5,000 additional SMS impressions for the program’s sponsor.
By giving its audience a hand in the outcome of the Design Star finale, Scripps Networks and HGTV were able to incorporate marketing messaging into an SMS initiative that already had value to its audience, thereby creating significant additional visibility for the Design Star sponsor, while simultaneously providing a fun way for viewers to participate in and engage with the program.


Nokia Trends Lab 

12snap Germany
Designed to increase credibility amongst youth for Nokia’s music and entertainment offerings, the idea of Nokia Trends Lab as a music lead hub of mobility experiences was born. By combining new sounds, innovative digital art and extraordinary events, Nokia Trends Lab was moulded into a series of multimedia experiments on and off stage. Consequently, local and established artists embarked on a quest to “push the boundaries of mobility as part of the creative process”. Not only was digital art created with and through the mobile phone, it also served as a guide to Nokia Trends Lab before, during, and after the events. Therefore, Nokia succeeded in achieving mobile technology leadership and expertise in the field of music, creating a mobile window to a real multimedia experience.

A mobile entry ticket into the world of Nokia Trends Lab! A multi-faceted approach was taken translating the mobility aspect into a real life experience. The mobile element was pervasive on all levels. Prior to the events, visitors could access the Nokia Trends Lab universe from virtually anywhere through a mobile internet site. It was cross-promoted through mobile banners and editorial content on Nokia’s youth hub, Nokia Zine. In addition to information about the events and the story of Nokia Trends Lab, visitors could also download content from previous Nokia Trends Lab events or upcoming artists from the mobile site. At the events, entrance was granted through mobile tickets, which were redeemed through 2D code scanners. In addition, votes and sweepstakes were conducted through SMS and visitors could download artist content such as ringtones, wallpapers and videos onto their phones via Bluetooth stations. After the events, downloads were also made available from the web download centre, which served as a virtual gallery space. The Nokia Trends Lab idea was carried on in between the events and participants were able to download digital creations of local talents and established artists onto their mobile by entering their phone number on the web site.  

The great success of Nokia Trends Lab was laboratory-confirmed! The download of wallpapers, ringtones, and real tones skyrocketed, indicating that Nokia Trends Lab content was king! Most of the content pieces were downloaded from the mobile site, boosting the popularity of the Nokia Trends Lab portal. At the events, acceptance of mobility elements was very high among attendees. At two sold out events in Greece and Italy, nearly all visitors entered the events through mobile tickets and participated in SMS-votings in great numbers. In order to personalize their phones with Trends Lab content, visitors gathered around Bluetooth stations sited at six Nokia Trends Lab events, proving the eagerness to experiment with their phones. Mobility truly was at the heart of Nokia Trends Lab!


Mobile Ad Funded & Supported Video

Date:June, 2007

Swisscom Mobile and Ad Infuse
In June 2007, Swisscom Mobile and Ad Infuse formed a partnership to launch mobile ad funded & sponsored video services for the first time in the Swiss market. Local and international brands were given the opportunity to learn the impact of the mobile video channels on brand awareness and reach. The video ads were placed in Ad Infuse’s ad network using leading Swiss media buying agencies ActiveMobile )part of Goldbach Media) and Publicis.
Advertisers participating included Adidas, Gesunheitförderung Schweiz, HUG, McDonalds, Migros, Migros Bank, Swiss Airlines, Novartis, Peugeot, Sony Ericsson, Mobiliar,, Canon and Opel. Additionally Swisscom campaigns such as Napster Mobile, 100 Sek. Tagesschau, 1811, and Beck & Bondi were shown.
  • Measure brand awareness via mobile video channels
  • Measure customer acceptance of mobile video ads
  • Test “best practices” for mobile video ads
  • Identify audience profiles and measure advertiser reach
  • Investigate viability of commercial business model for ad funded and ad sponsored video   services
Swisscom launched two ad enabled streaming video channels on their Vodafone Live! portal under “Video und Bilder” to all customers with an EDGE or 3G handset that supported streaming. Ad Infuse’s adInMotion™ platform was deployed to insert mobile pre- and post-roll video advertisements real time in active streaming video sessions. Since there are three resident languages in Switzerland, Ad Infuse’s adInMotion platform was also used to target advertisements based on the customer’s language preference. The adInMotion platform was also used to restrict the number of times a particular ad was seen by a unique user. Detailed advertisement impression statistics, such as “ratio of ad seen”, “unique users” and “delivered vs. undelivered impressions” were displayed real time on a per unique advertisement basis by Ad Infuse’s adInTouch™ online advertiser toolset. Lastly, customer acceptance and brand awareness were measured during the trial period via telephony interviews.
Result Highlights:

For detailed results and to view or download the complete case study, please visit:

 FOX News Channel, mobile portal extension to cable news channel )Proteus)
A subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, FOX News Channel is the top-rated cable news channel in the United States – available to more than 85 million households in the United States alone and reaching an even wider audience internationally.
Aware of the ever-changing needs of its target audience and the increasing demand for multi-channel communications, FOX News approached Proteus to develop an industry-leading mobile Internet portal to serve as its flagship presence within the mobile landscape.
The challenge to Proteus was clear: deliver a ‘mobile experience’ that not only maintained the power of the FOX News brand, but also provided news to consumers through a mobile portal that closely resembled the company’s online presence. In addition, the Proteus solution needed to overcome the technical challenges of screen size limitations and compatibility issues associated with the growing diversity of mobile phones.
The Proteus team guided FOX News through a series of choices that involved storyboarding the mobile user experience. Through efficient content management and design consulting together with the provisioning of an automatic news feed from the FOX News Web site, Proteus was able to conquer the constraints of the mobile medium to deliver a leading-edge mobile Internet presence.
The new FOX News mobile portal now acts as a further extension to the successful cable news channel and FOX News Online service, offering breaking news stories and real-time reports. Launched within a matter of weeks, the portal further strengthens the FOX News brand and ensures ubiquitous availability of news content while individuals are on the go.
The solution deployed by Proteus enables FOX News to extend its brand, reach a wider audience and open up new revenue streams offered by the mobile channel, including additional advertising sales and the cross-promotion of FOX News service.

Sprint <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mobile Media Network - Pepsi Super Bowl Case Study<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



In the run up to the 2007 Super Bowl, Pepsi unveiled 15 new can designs and created a range of promotions as part of a major new branding initiative.  Its Super Can contest gave fans the chance to win Super Bowl tickets for life and a jewel-encrusted can valued at $100,000.  Alongside traditional and online promotions, Pepsi also became the latest brand to deploy a mobile advertising program on the Sprint Mobile Media Network, and one of the first to incorporate video into its campaign.


·          Expand the promotion of its Super Can contest

·          Increase awareness of the 15 new Pepsi can designs

·          Drive traffic to its mobile web site

·          Increase video and wallpaper downloads



Sprint Nextel has been defining a highly sophisticated new advertising channel on its mobile web browsing pages through the Sprint Mobile Media Network.  It offers brands a direct, powerful and interactive way to reach mobile consumers.  Pepsi was able to cut through the noise around the Super Bowl as the exclusive advertiser on the Sprint Mobile Media Network’s homepage in the days leading up to the big game.  And, as a result, drove consumers from four different banner display ads to Pepsi’s branded mobile web site, where consumers engaged in a variety of actions.


Pepsi enabled users to download a custom wallpaper of the “blinged-out” Pepsi can, click to see the video spots featuring the new Pepsi can designs, and click through to Sprint Power View -- the only made-for-mobile video programming network in the United States with original sports and entertainment shows -- where they could view live Super Bowl video clips, sponsored by Pepsi.


Sprint’s mobile web ad serving vendor, Enpocket, and Sprint Power View delivery partner, IMG, assisted in the execution of this multi-faceted campaign.


·          9 million impressions

·          An average click through rate of 4.5 percent, with the most popular creative achieving an 11.5 percent average

·          175,000 Pepsi wallpaper downloads


The program was one the first to integrate several engagement mechanics, including content downloads, click-to-view a video ad, and click to see a live TV broadcast.  At a time when advertisers are vying for consumers’ attention across multiple media channels, Pepsi built awareness and engagement for a major marketing initiative using the Sprint Mobile Media Network – leaving a lasting impression with the 175,000 people that now see the Pepsi wallpaper every time they look at their Sprint mobile phone.

WRAL-TV Hoops Headquarters Campaign

WRAL-TV (Raleigh, N.C.)

News Over Wireless

March-April 2007

For many North Carolinians, college basketball tournament season is the most magical time of the year. That’s why Raleigh, N.C.-based WRAL-TV wanted to showcase its unprecedented, local coverage through an integrated campaign across a variety of platforms—TV, Web, radio, computer and with its mobile solution WRAL Wireless.

In March 2007, WRAL-TV launched “Hoops Headquarters,” a marketing campaign designed to highlight the station’s MEAC, CIAA, ACC and NCAA tournament coverage. Initially, a special Hoops Headquarters graphics package was created for news, online, wireless and programming.

WRAL-TV worked closely with News Over Wireless to integrate Hoops Headquarters into the WRAL Wireless application. To help users, an easy-to-navigate menu structure was designed just for tournament coverage, including a special menu for video. News Over Wireless and WRAL also collaborated to ensure that the new content was formatted correctly and in place to optimize timely, consistent updates.

On-air TV spots highlighted the station’s mobile solution, WRAL Wireless, as one of the vehicles viewers could count on for game schedules, standings, video recaps and more. WRAL-TV ran 229 gross rating points to promote wireless over a two to three week period. The station also promoted Hoops Headquarters in radio ads, reinforcing the availability of mobile access for devoted basketball fans unable to stay glued to the TV or Internet.

WRAL Wireless’ role in Hoops Headquarters—providing on-the-go hoops action—was promoted online through the station’s desktop weather application. The mobile solution served as the premiere sponsor for the application during the March and April events.

Joint promotion across all vehicles ramped up as the ACC and NCAA tournaments kicked off in March 2007. Animated graphics ran during programming to promote game times and matchups. The station also included a feature article in the e-mail newsletter promoting on-air, online and wireless coverage.

WRAL-TV successfully delivered an integrated marketing campaign, reaching viewers through TV, radio, the Internet and mobile. WRAL Wireless’ Hoops Headquarters category was the most viewed during the weekend of the ACC Tournament, and overall mobile traffic increased by 50 percent. The category sustained popularity throughout the NCAA tournament. experienced nearly a 300 percent increase in page views of its Sports section during the weekend of the ACC Tournament. Ultimately, Hoops Headquarters raised awareness not only around WRAL Wireless, but also around the station’s dedication to making high-quality, valuable news accessible no matter where you are.

ABOUT NEWS OVER WIRELESS <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

News Over Wireless is part of CBC New Media Group, LLC, a division of Capitol Broadcasting Company. News Over Wireless works with local television stations and wireless phone carriers to provide local news on mobile phones through video channels, Java applications and premium WAP. News Over Wireless partner stations reach over 72 million television households and carrier relationships touch over 168 million mobile subscribers. For more information, visit











YEDIGUN (Mirinda)
Aerodeon Turkey & OMD
01.04.2007 – 31.12.2007

Since gaming and messaging on mobile & internet are rising trends in today’s teens’ lives, Yedigun aims to own the mobile & internet world of teens, by offering interactive entertainment and create a teen community on the brand website.

Within the content of the campaign, there are Yedigun scratch banners on the various web sites. When a banner is scratched, one letter of the YEDIGUN word appears. Participators collect all of the letters and load them to their account on the campaign’s web site, in order to win mobile prizes according to the number of YEDIGUN words they wrote. Mobile prizes consist of free credits, air time, sponsored short messages, and polimelody&truetone content of current popular songs. All of the participants, who sign up for an account, get a chance to download the polimelody or truetone of “Holding Out For a Hero” s Turkish cover.

While mobil prizes are attracting considerable attention, the annual member expectation has been reached by 20% in the first month of the campaign.