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Brand: Chingy Campaign Review

Company: ipsh!

Launched December 1st 2004
Ending February 28th 2005

ipsh! M-Coupon campaign where users could opt-in to receive future Chingy alerts as well as an m-coupon redeemable at any Sam Goody stores nationwide.  

1451 SMS
1234 Opt-ins
105 Redemptions

Brand: Madonna Mobile Storefront

Company:  m-Qube


  • Launch a cross-carrier mobile store where Madonna fans can digitally download her ringtones, content and images to mobile phones with charges going directly to their wireless bill.
  • Provide access to an exciting new channel to further monetize Madonna’s content
  • Enable Madonna to market directly to fans and encourage album sales while maintaining quality control and discouraging piracy of copyrighted music content.


Madonna launched the first artist-drive web-based store to sell ringtones, images and other mobile content.  The mobile store, powered by m-Qube, allows Madonna to reach her fans in the U.S. and Canada from her web site,, by offering exclusive content that they can personalize their mobile devices with.  Madonna fans can easily browse and purchase the artists content on or through their mobile device simply by providing their mobile number and handset type with charges going directly to their monthly wireless bill.  This makes finding and purchasing content much easier, quicker and convenient for consumers.

Brand: Jay-Z (roc-a-fella records)

Company:  Ipsh!net inc

Jay Z- Objective was to drive awareness of new single by Jay Z, and to “chart” Jay Z’s single “Change Clothes” on MTV’s request show TRL Live

Web banner which generates SMS, and web based management tool to maintain database of mobile users and send SMS at appropriate time for TRL voting. IVR system to playback audio and capture caller ID of users wishing to opt-in for campaign on the phone.

Our first major SMS blast which we define as having over 10,000 users was blasted on December 15th which put helped put Change Clothes back on the TRL charts from a five day hiatus and propelled it to #8 on the TRL.

After another week off the charts we blasted another SMS campaign on 12.22 which helped it go back to #10 and then continued momentum through 12.23 helping it match its highest level on TRL at #8.

We also were able to triple our number of registered users throughout the six week periods and ramped up SMS web traffic on the site by 496% from 624 daily messages to 3094 by 12.24.

Brand: The History Channel

Company:  Enpocket


  • Create loyalty and build brand recognition
  • Promote new programs
  • Encourage interaction between the brand and its viewers


The History Channel worked with Enpocket to drive viewers to watch the broadcast of a new show ‘Barbarians’ and to build brand recognition by sending an opt-in text message to a targeted audience of men between the ages of 25 and 54. 

The SMS message, delivered to mobile phones the evening before the show, gave a teaser of the program content of Barbarians, which portrayed the life and crimes of nomadic tribes such as the Vikings, Goths, Huns and Mongols.

Using the profiling and targeting capabilities of the Enpocket Engine, The History Channel was able to promote new programs directly to viewers’ mobile phone handsets.

Results and research from Enpocket Insight
  • 40% of those impacted by the campaign went on to watch The History Channel
  • 18% watched the Barbarians program
  • 88% of the recipients read the message and 12% forwarded the message or showed it to a friend

“This is a great communication channel that allows us to pinpoint the demographics, geography and sex of our target audience very effectively. Enpocket Solutions have enabled us to take the promotion of The History Channel’s new programs to the next level,” said Michael Mohamad, Senior Vice President, Marketing, The History Channel.

Brand: Todd TV

Company:  Enpocket


  • Strengthen viewers’ relationship with the program and Todd
  • Involve the public in the direction of the show
  • Keep viewers engaged even when they are away from Todd TV
  • Get immediate feedback from the audience

Todd TV, a reality TV show produced by Endemol USA for Fox TV’s FX Network’s took reality-TV to the next level by involving viewers in the direction of a show as never seen before.

By working with Enpocket, Todd TV allowed viewers to control the life of 30-year old Todd Santos, a self-described “beach bum” from Southern California, with the goal of helping him find his way in the world.

Two-way messaging ensured that the audience were engaged in the show 24/7 and there were advanced mobile features for T-Mobile, the show’s sponsor.

Two important innovations to interactive TV were introduced via by Todd TV.

The first was Live Direction, an instant audience interaction tool within the Enpocket Engine. T-Mobile subscribers were sent a question via SMS asking them to make immediate decisions that impacted Todd’s day-to-day life when they were away from the show.

For example, “Should Todd cut his hair, play volleyball or paint his apartment?” Within five minutes of sending the questions, the production crew received instant poll results, allowing Todd to proceed according to the wishes of the audience.

Enpocket’s second innovation, Synch-to-TV, allowed opted-in viewers to receive text messages from Todd synchronized to the show. For instance, Todd may have shared his private thoughts about meeting his mother for dinner as it was happening on the show.

  • The production team could communicate with viewers during and outside show hours and involve them in the direction of the show.
  • An inclusive medium: SMS allowed every mobile phone owner to have their say on what Todd should do next.
  • Never before had text messaging influenced the action of a television show in such an immediate, flexible way.

“Giving television viewers immediate control over Todd though their mobile phones not only changed the way television is watched, but it also transformed the viewers’ relationship with a program. Todd TV was an important step because it illustrated how advanced mobile technology can weave television and text together in a compelling way,” said Jonathon Linner, CEO of Enpocket.