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How The History Channel used SMS to boost ratings and awareness

October 5, 2004

Brand: The History Channel

Company:  Enpocket


  • Create loyalty and build brand recognition
  • Promote new programs
  • Encourage interaction between the brand and its viewers


The History Channel worked with Enpocket to drive viewers to watch the broadcast of a new show ‘Barbarians’ and to build brand recognition by sending an opt-in text message to a targeted audience of men between the ages of 25 and 54. 

The SMS message, delivered to mobile phones the evening before the show, gave a teaser of the program content of Barbarians, which portrayed the life and crimes of nomadic tribes such as the Vikings, Goths, Huns and Mongols.

Using the profiling and targeting capabilities of the Enpocket Engine, The History Channel was able to promote new programs directly to viewers’ mobile phone handsets.

Results and research from Enpocket Insight
  • 40% of those impacted by the campaign went on to watch The History Channel
  • 18% watched the Barbarians program
  • 88% of the recipients read the message and 12% forwarded the message or showed it to a friend

“This is a great communication channel that allows us to pinpoint the demographics, geography and sex of our target audience very effectively. Enpocket Solutions have enabled us to take the promotion of The History Channel’s new programs to the next level,” said Michael Mohamad, Senior Vice President, Marketing, The History Channel.