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Jay Z’s single “Change Clothes”

October 5, 2004

Brand: Jay-Z (roc-a-fella records)

Company:  Ipsh!net inc

Jay Z- Objective was to drive awareness of new single by Jay Z, and to “chart” Jay Z’s single “Change Clothes” on MTV’s request show TRL Live

Web banner which generates SMS, and web based management tool to maintain database of mobile users and send SMS at appropriate time for TRL voting. IVR system to playback audio and capture caller ID of users wishing to opt-in for campaign on the phone.

Our first major SMS blast which we define as having over 10,000 users was blasted on December 15th which put helped put Change Clothes back on the TRL charts from a five day hiatus and propelled it to #8 on the TRL.

After another week off the charts we blasted another SMS campaign on 12.22 which helped it go back to #10 and then continued momentum through 12.23 helping it match its highest level on TRL at #8.

We also were able to triple our number of registered users throughout the six week periods and ramped up SMS web traffic on the site by 496% from 624 daily messages to 3094 by 12.24.