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Deal or No Deal Case Study<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Brand: NBC/Endemol Entertainment

Company: m-Qube

Give viewers of NBC’s game show Deal or No Deal an opportunity to play at home from their couch.

Produced by Endemol Entertainment, the international hit game show "Deal or No Deal" came to NBC in a five-night event starting on Monday, December 19th and ending on Friday, December 23rd. Hosted by actor/comedian Howie Mandel in the U.S., "Deal" is a tension-building, high stakes game show with  success in 41 countries.

At the start of each show, viewers were asked to text their ‘Lucky Case’ guess into 59595. Consumers were prompted three times throughout each show to send a text message or go to and enter their guess of the winning Lucky Case for that program. In the final segment of the show, the voting was closed and viewers who selected the correct case were entered into an instant drawing for a $10,000 prize. Entries cost $.49 via premium text message or free online at

m-Qube’s platform was responsible for collecting entries from all SMS and Web votes, selecting the winner from among the correct Lucky Case guesses and confirming the eligibility of the winner. Winner selection and verification process occurred real-time in order to get the winner’s name and hometown on-screen, live at the end of the show.

The Deal or No Deal iTV program significantly enhanced the excitement of the in-studio game play by allowing consumer to vie for $10,000 at home. Results were very positive. In fact, the program turned out to be the largest cross-carrier iTV SMS program ever in the U.S. Given the show’s success, NBC has ordered additional episodes of the hit game show. m-Qube will again power the mobile component of the show.



             HBO for Entourage

Company:        Kikucall and OMD

HBO wanted to raise awareness of the second season of the original series “Entourage,” by promoting the show’s popular catchphrase, “Let’s Hug It Out Bitch” (LHIOB).

HBO’s media agency, OMD, contacted Kikucall to craft a campaign to drive traffic to the LHIOB website, and drive consumers to download Entourage-branded mobile content.

In order to achieve the client’s goal, Kikucall designed a campaign to promote a series of exclusive “Let’s Hug It Out Bitch” ringtones available exclusively at
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§          Kikucall developed an online ringtone interface that was integrated into the website.

§          The interface collected consumer mobile phone information, and sent free LHIOB ringtones directly to consumer mobile phones.

§          Kikucall also sent a text message blast to a targeted list of 50,000 opt-in consumers in New York and Los Angeles. The messages contained a link to a Kikucall-developed WAP site where consumers could download the free LHIOB ringtones.

In the six months following the launch of the campaign, consumers listened to more than 180,600 LHIOB ringtones via the Kikucall web interface, and more than 19,600 LHIOB website visitors requested to download a ringtone.
To deliver the ringtone to consumers, Kikucall sent a text message with a WAP link to download the ringtone to consumer mobile phones. More than 15,500 consumers successfully downloaded the LHIOB ringtones from the Kikucall-designed WAP site.

GoldPocket Wireless Case Study – TV Guide

Joan & Melissa River’s Red Carpet Oscar Show

To drive viewer interaction with its Red Carpet show for the Oscars, create an innovative “live” mobile polling campaign, and offer a prize for participation.


TV Guide and GoldPocket Wireless created and implemented the standard SMS campaign that allowed viewers a chance to submit their “Red Carpet” views, win a prize and see the results of the poll live on-air within minutes of voting. Throughout the broadcast, multiple questions were asked of the audience, results were tabulated live (through EMConnect’s real-time reporting) and then announced on-air by Melissa Rivers. One question in particular gave participants the opportunity to win a "Joan & Melissa Rivers" glider pen. The first 500 viewers to correctly guess the number of carats in Melissa Rivers' "million dollar microphone" could claim the free pen. In order to have the pen mailed to them, winners were driven back to the TV Guide Channel web-site, where they entered in their full mailing address and contact information. 

GoldPocket Wireless provided all the technical aspects of the promotion including direct carrier connections and billing integrations, standard SMS, real-time reporting and customer service, and web registration support.

TV Guide reached not only their participation goals for the campaign but managed a 60%+ conversion rate (ie, the number of winners who went to the web-site to enter in their address information) for this campaign.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



Case Study:  Enpocket and Panasonic Charge Up Fans at Jason Mraz Concert Tour<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Panasonic has achieved some astounding response rates with its recent in-concert text-to-win competition.  What better medium than the mobile for targeting a tech-savvy youth market…..

Panasonic wanted to target the digital generation when launching its new state-of-the-art Oxyride battery, designed for digital cameras.  To reach college aged consumers throughout the US, Panasonic sponsored the Jason Mraz concert series in fifteen different venues during October and November. 

Concert attendees were invited to text the word “POWER” to 69973 (OXYRD) for a chance to win a Panasonic prize package including a digital camera, batteries, and more.  The text-to-win promotion was advertised in each venue on signage, announcements, and flyers.  During 12 of the events, participants received an entry confirmation via text and an opportunity to opt in to future Panasonic mobile promotions.

The response rates to the Oxyride mobile campaign were as high as 14%.  On average, 6% of concert attendees responded to the call to action.  The high response rates from this campaign are illustrative of the power of the mobile channel for connecting with audiences. 

Panasonic found that the interactive nature of the mobile campaign during the concert was a potent enhancement to the concert sponsorship and an excellent way to reinforce the Oxyride brand.

“We have been very pleased by the response rates to the Oxyride mobile campaign,” said Stefanie Old from Renegade Marketing, Panasonic’s marketing agency.  “Based on the results, we will consider mobile marketing as a component of our future integrated marketing campaigns.”




Brand:  Renault<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Company:  Turkcell & EVO

The Challenge:           
§          Create awareness for RENAULT as a racing team in the first F1 
            Turkey GP

§          Attract viewers to Channel D as the holder of F1 Turkey Broadcasting rights

§          Create interaction with RENAULT’s MODUS brand trough a branded game

§          Create interest and interactive participation to the first F1 Turkey GP

The Solution/Flow:
§          A racing game was modified for Renault and Istanbul Park Circuit

§          Modus branding was integrated into the game

§          High score posting was linked to the Channel D website

§          Top 10 score holders won free Tickets to F1 Turkey Grand Prix

§          Next 10 score holders won a AutoDrom Advanced Driving Course

§          Campaign calls was being displayed on Dogan TV network for 30

§          Entrants was asked Renault related questions

§          Questions was created in coordination with Renault

§          First entrant to answers all the questions won a Renault Modus 1.4 Authentique

§          Next 10 entrants won a 3 day trip to South of France for F1 Driving School

§          A 2-way cross-platform campign was launced for the first GP in 

§          Summer time ratings of Channel D were improved

§          High score posting to the website attracted more visitors & frequent checks

§          31 subscribers were awarded with PR enabler prizes




Mobile Marketing Case Study - USA TODAY (Dwango Wireless)


Brand:       USA TODAY


Goals <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

·          Increase acquisition of a younger readership demographic for <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />USA TODAY.

·          Strengthen retention relationships with existing readers of the print publication.

·          Establish an additional revenue source for USA TODAY.



USA TODAY partnered with Dwango Wireless to launch TEXT & WIN, a premium short message service (SMS) sweepstakes program that allows readers to use their mobile phones to participate in daily newspaper polls and enter to win weekly and grand prizes.

Through TEXT & WIN, USA TODAY readers responded to daily polling questions posed in the Life and Sports sections of the newspaper by sending a text message via their SMS enabled mobile phones to the numerical short code 46872 or GOUSA. Each text message entry cost $0.50 and every entry is another chance to win. Prizes awarded weekly include 20" flat screen TVs, portable DVD players and DVD movie box sets. Grand prizes included two trips for two: a "Champagne Wishes" trip to Hollywood and an "Ultimate Football Fan Trip" to Hawaii.

Why Dwango Wireless

USA TODAY selected Dwango because of its industry leading experience and successful execution of producing, publishing and promoting mobile entertainment for top lifestyle brands.  Dwango also created and managed USA TODAY’s polling platform for TEXT & WIN, as well as the program’s advertising, prizing and reporting components for the duration of the campaign. Dwango’s ability to provide a turn key solution for USA TODAY’s mobile sweepstakes solution while providing a suite of services and tools to ensure the success of the program sealed its decision to select Dwango Wireless.



By partnering with Dwango Wireless, USA TODAY successfully extended its brand by providing readers with a quick and easy way to interact with the publication via a mobile channel. Over 5.2 million USA TODAY readers can now connect with the brand by expressing their opinions through their mobile phone which is a constant companion for most people. In the process, USA TODAY has increased reader loyalty and developed an additional revenue source for the company. With the launch of the USA TODAY mobile sweepstakes program, a new market opportunity has also opened for Dwango to create subsequent partnerships with other media companies as well. 

“TEXT & WIN is a fun and engaging way for millions of our readers to interact with the publication on an entirely new level,” said Jeff Webber, senior vice president and publisher of “This mobile sweepstakes gives our readers the ability to utilize mobile technology to express their opinions about a variety of topics.” manages mobile-technology efforts for the USA TODAY brand.


Mobile Marketing Case Study – Ferrero “Shrek 2 Handy Specials” (12 Snap)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Brand:            Ferrero

Campaign:     Shrek 2 Handy Specials



The first branded mobile game:  Shrek and Donkey live in your phone.


Design a very effective and efficient on-pack promotion that drives sales of hanuta and duplo but still is innovative. Use the rights of DreamWorks Shrek 2. Target audience are kids, teenagers and young adults. Targeted country is <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Germany. No sweepstakes are allowed due to legal reasons, just “add-on/every-ones a winner” mechanics.



The Idea: The promotion should promote itself.


To make that possible, two very exciting games for mobile phones, featuring Shrek and Donkey were originally developed for Ferrero’d hanuta and duplo brands.  1 SMS message with a code in the packages was enough to download the FIRST part of each game.  To continue playing the next game levels, Shrek reminded the consumers to text in another code.  This drove consumption, and yet excited the consumers.


In addition a mobile “picture collection album” – featured by Donkey - could be installed, “reminding” the customer what he is still missing whenever he entered.



It was the best response rate for a FMCG product on-pack. The self-promotion mechanism kept the people coming back. Donkey and Shrek “lived” on the phone with every part of entertainment and promoted the promotion in a very personal way.


Nearly 10% participated in total. More than 50% participated more than once, which means they bought at least one more multi-pack.  It was rated by Ferrero as one of the most effective promotions in terms of sales and brand image.


About 12 Snap

12snap is an award-winning advertising agency focused on mobile channels. Providing campaign realization and delivery, we develop innovative and effective marketing and CRM programs for top global companies including McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, L’Oréal and Disney. Our campaigns are inspired by one-to-one engagement with mass-market consumers, made possible by the phenomenal growth in ownership and market penetration of mobile handsets.  See


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Mobile Marketing Case Study – McDonald’s “The Incredibles” (12 Snap)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



Brand:            McDonald’s

Campaign:     The Incredibles




Meet The Incredibles at McDonald’s!


Personalized mass-communication connected The Incredibles to millions of consumers. 

Create a unique, mass-capable Campaign to promote the new Pixar/Disney movie “The Incredibles” at McDonald’s. Focus on the characters of the movie. Target the young adults. Roll out the campaign to the following McDonald’s countries: <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Germany, UK, Spain, Austria and Italy.



“Experience The Incredibles at McDonald’s”.

The customer sends in a unique code from the cup to call The Incredibles by SMS. The Incredibles then instantly contact you via your mobile and they do all kinds of fun things: offer to take a picture with you and the Incredibles, paint your own name on a skyscraper (electronically), answer calls to your mobile mailbox, invite you to play a mobile game with them.


An intelligent dialogue-system with over 50 different answers and over 50 goodies creates the illusion of true live communication with The Incredibles.



·          Response rates of up to 20%

·          Millions of McDonald’s guests were introduced personally to The Incredibles via their mobile phone.

·          Most McDonald’s guest interacted with The Incredibles even long after they left the restaurant.

·          Major success for all parties involved in the promotion


About 12 Snap

12snap is an award-winning advertising agency focused on mobile channels. Providing campaign realization and delivery, we develop innovative and effective marketing and CRM programs for top global companies including McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, L’Oréal and Disney. Our campaigns are inspired by one-to-one engagement with mass-market consumers, made possible by the phenomenal growth in ownership and market penetration of mobile handsets.  See

Showtime Launches Mobile Store

Brand: Showtime

Company: m-Qube


-With personalized cell phone options and text messaging, fans can connect with their favorite SHOWTIME shows on a daily basis
-A new retail channel to leverage web traffic to sell mobile products right off
-By uniting TV, online and mobile content, Showtime is offering fans of their popular shows a unique and personal way to stay connected


Brand: Mobile
Company: Enpocket
-Raise awareness of the Mobile launch on Sprint PCS Vision Phones
-Mobilize the success of
-Create a technological bridge between and Mobile
-Offer users an easy way to mobilize their online accounts
Enpocket, the global mobile media company, has announced the launch of’s mobile Internet offering on Sprint PCS VisionSM Phones. The launch of Mobile, which is delivered and hosted by Enpocket’s Dating Engine (Eden), is being kicked off with the offer of a free one-month trial to the service and a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes promotion. Mobile allows user to create profiles, upload photos, search profiles using multiple search parameters including geography, and ultimately chat with like-minded individuals.

The new service is currently being promoted via an integrated mobile marketing campaign that will be run by Enpocket throughout February. Sprint customers can enter a sweepstakes through text messaging for the chance to win a cruise holiday. Exclusive runner-up prizes include a crystal covered Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone PM-A740 by Samsung. More details on how to enter the sweepstakes and official rules can be found at

“Sprint is pleased to offer Mobile as an innovative extension of our messaging services,” said John Styers, Director – Data Services, Sprint. “ Mobile is a fun, easy-to-use application that will drive data usage and more importantly, help customers meet and chat with new friends.”

“Consumer usage of the Mobile application is continuing to rise dramatically. Sprint is leading the way by introducing this service to subscribers,” said Mike Baker, COO and president, Enpocket. “We believe the mobile phone is a powerful tool for finding and communicating with people sharing similar interests. Combining our industry-leading dating engine product, Eden with’s heritage in online dating has created one of the most compelling applications available on the mobile Internet today.”

Enpocket also provides Mobile to Cingular and Nextel. Customers can sign up for the service through their handsets or on

“For ten years, has worked to harness the power of technology to help connect people. The growth of our wireless presence offers our members the ability to connect with each other – anytime, anywhere,” said Jim Safka, CEO, “It is incredibly simple for our members to sign up, and they have the ability to transfer their existing profile to the mobile service.”

Enpocket’s Eden has been licensed by numerous carriers and brands across North America, Europe and Asia and has established a proven track record for generating higher average revenue per user (ARPU). It can be delivered with numerous user interfaces such as SMS, MMS, WAP J2ME, Symbian, BREW and i-Mode that can all link into a shared and secure database.

Enpocket provides its customers with other brandable affinity applications for building mobile communities such as mBlog and Total Football. Enpocket’s integrated mobile marketing services, for driving customer acquisition and retention, are delivered through the Enpocket Engine – the world’s most widely used mobile marketing software.


-Members of signing up for Mobile

-Sprint PCS Vision users signing up for Mobile directly through their handsets

-Increase in SMS messaging as part of the text promotion to launch the