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Macquarie Regional Radioworks (Mobile 365)

February 9, 2006

             Macquarie Regional Radioworks
Company:        Mobile 365

Macquarie Regional Radioworks appointed Mobile 365 to provide interactive services as part of an overall strategy to develop closer relationships with listeners, and to cement local community contact.

Macquarie Regional Radioworks owns the major share of commercial radio licenses in Australia, and represents 79% of the regional market (outside of the major capital cities). Regional radio is undergoing a resurgence, drawing consistently large audiences, with national advertising growing 14% per year on average.

Mobile 365 provided services for nine radio stations across Australia, including Sea FM, Mix FM, Gold FM, Nightmix, Fat 30, and 107.7 2GO on the NSW Central Coast.

With the emphasis on localized competitions to meet local needs, each radio station was encouraged to develop their own promotions and competitions. The system then had to cope with multiple competitions, users, and sites. Mobile 365’s application management tools were the answer, providing a robust, multi-user system incorporating inbound and outbound services. In addition, each station could develop individual marketing programs and competitions to suit their particular local needs and audiences. Inbound services incorporate votes, polls, shout-outs, comments, and competitions.

Macquarie particularly liked that each station could choose the promotion or competition that best suited their individual market. Stations were able to measure results at any time during their campaigns with the instantaneous real-time aggregation of entries. In addition, the application management tools enabled detailed analysis and reporting via an easy-to-access Web interface

NSW Central Coast radio station 1013 Sea FM ran the promotion in October 2005, with the major prize a Suzuki Swift car. The campaign revolved around listeners voting for “candidates” (local personalities and celebrities) and a final vote for the most popular person.


Macquarie has successfully integrated mobile into radio promotions with outstanding results. The Sea FM Car Election promotion was a great example of mobile working for regional radio. It received more than 65,000 entries over three weeks, greatly exceeding expectations.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />