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The Sweetest Collection (12Snap)

May 10, 2006



How to start a true hype among youngsters - with a mobile revival of the good old Panini album.

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Develop an innovative mass-market loyalty campaign for Ferrero’s premium brands duplo & hanuta. Use an innovative mechanism that attracts young adults and creates a collecting effect to generate repeat purchases.

Develop a modern version of the Panini collector’s album using the youngster’s favourite medium, the mobile phone. Consumers found instructions on how to download the album, an innovative Java application, on hanuta & duplo multi packs. After starting it, unique codes from the products could easily be entered. Users could redeem mobile specials derived from the blockbuster hit “Madagascar” with each code. An overview of all 50 different kinds of mobile specials - from wallpapers and ringtones to games – kept consumers up to date. “What am I still missing in my gallery?” became a real talk-about – and started the collecting fever.

An incredible 9% response rate and 850.000 participations in only 15 weeks. 30% of all participants entered a series of codes during the promotion; the most active participant even entered 62 codes!

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