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House of Blues: Mobile Interactivity (Soapbox Mobile)

May 9, 2006

Mobile Marketing and CRM Solutions Help Deepen Customer Relationships and Drive New Revenue Streams

In response to the emergence of mobile technology as a mass-market medium, in late 2005, House of Blues® in partnership with Motorola, became interested in offering new and existing customers novel types of interactive campaigns as a means to incentivize and reward its youth demographic.  Soapbox Mobile fulfilled the company’s needs with a complete, full-service mobile solution using the Soapbox Anywhere™ platform to power interactive mobile campaigns including triggered and personalized SMS-based quizzes, contests, and alerts.  These mobile campaigns were aimed at drawing attention to upcoming music events specific to each of House of Blues’ nationwide locations

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·          Enhance Image: Cutting edge of new media adoption

·          Leverage Mobile: Usage for target demographic

·          Build Database: Mobile subscribers for follow-up campaigns

·          Promotions of promote bands, mobile ticket sales




House of Blues has built a nationwide presence as a trendy venue for music, food and nightlife.  Customers recognize House of Blues as the premier branded entertainment venue, attracting a wide variety of demographic audience segments with locations across America’s hippest cities.  Its target demographic is young professionals. 

House of Blues, presently using the Web for consumer interactivity in addition to other more traditional means of marketing, decided to leverage the mobile channel to deepen its relationship with its existing and new customers. Recognizing mobile as a personal, one-to-one mass market medium that is ‘always on’, House of Blues tapped Soapbox Mobile to create its mobile campaigns.  The Soapbox Anywhere™ platform provided personalized mobile interaction in addition to  a valuable database of mobile users. The House of Blues mobile trivia (SMS) campaign placed a ‘call-to-action’ across in-house TV screens and person-to-person street team interaction by means of unique short codes assigned to House of Blues venues across the U.S.  The Soapbox Mobile solution empowered House of Blues to track and report, in real-time, the effectiveness of its mobile campaigns for each of its nationwide locations.


·          Location-based campaign tracking & reporting

·          Interactive, 2-way SMS trivia campaign

·          Mobile coupon codes: redeem prizes

·          Cross-carrier: House of Blues SMS campaign’s work across all carriers and handsets in North America

In addition to building an interactive mobile trivia campaign, Soapbox Mobile also established and managed relationships with network operators in North America and the operator’s terms for multiple, unique vanity (custom) short codes for each House of Blues location. As a result House of Blues customers can now engage in opt-in mobile contests regardless of their carrier.


·          Build mobile database for future use in promotion and sales

·          Unrivaled distribution in leveraging mobile channel and customer reach

·          Enhanced image as vanguard of new media & digital entertainment

·          Precision ability to track, monitor & report marketing effectiveness in real-time

Soapbox Mobile helped House of Blues enhance its loyal customer base by extending and diversifying its marketing program to include the mobile channel.  Owing to the valuable database of mobile users House of Blues has been able collect through the Soapbox Anywhere platform, the company now has an indispensable asset in targeting an audience for its future mobile initiatives. House of Blues has been able to create a stronger relationship with its customers, enhance the visibility of its brand, and has also delivered value to its mobile partner, Motorola.

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