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T-Online Mobile Video Platform (Dynetic)

January 16, 2006

Brand: T-Online (www.t-online.de)

Project: Mobile Video platform

Company: dynetic solutions GmbH (www.dynetic.net)

T-Online’s goal was to set-up an innovative new universal mobile platform solution to deliver video content via the existing “mobil.t-online.de” content portal. The mobile platform needed to support 2.5 and 3G video streaming and downloads, mobile content management to connect multiple content partners, automated DRM integration and dynamic universal video transcoding to support the highest possible number of mobile video devices available in the market today without utilizing a software that needs to install a special client video player software to watch it on a phone.  T-Online also aimed to open a new mobile video distribution channel and reach new customers.

dynetic’s mobile video industry solution of emoveo UAP was chosen to meet all of T-Online’s requirements. The emoveo UAP mobile video solution offers a total package of tools to easily bring videos to any mobile phone. Producers can flexibly manage mobile video content in categories and link it to the content portal. Content partners can deliver videos in one video format of their choice (Windows, Real, Quicktime etc.) and do not have to pre-produce it for mobile. Upon upload of a video the emoveo UAP platform automatically takes care for the transcoding and optimization of videos for hundreds of mobile video phones prior to delivery as download or stream. No producer interaction is required but if necessary the producer is able to use the advanced editing functions of emoveo UAP to cut and modify videos prior to delivery and set-up in content-management. emoveo UAP also automatically integrates OMA DRM 1.0 and 2.0 and Microsoft DRM on-the-fly uses sophisticated caching mechanisms to allow peak traffic of video users and at the same time deliver each video perfectly fitting the requesting device in unmatched quality. Each phone is recognized by the platform upon request and -based on a saved data profile in the emoveo UAP software- each video is transcoded and optimized to the pre-installed video player on each phone, necessary codecs, DRM, file size and bandwidth restrictions. In addition the platform delivers a complete user registration, tracking, billing of content and reporting tool in real-time.

The mobile platform offers more than 50 new videos from different categories each week, ranging from sports, news, to entertainment. In the news section users can watch daily news flashes, in the sports section live reports if soccer games can be viewed every weekend and users are able to download a horoscope video daily.

T-Online was the first ISP in Germany to offer a universal mobile video platform and present it on IFA exhibition in Berlin in 2005. The platform was the first to enable their content partners to publish video content mobile without having to pre-produce it prior to delivery. The videos are seamlessly integrated and linked within the content portal of T-Online and can be viewed in high quality on 3G networks and more phones than offered by any other provider today. T-Online is now ready to provide and expand its mobile video content portfolio and distribution.

About dynetic:
dynetic has created a mobile platform designed to provide the entire mobile business community the technology to transcode any content type to be delivered optimized to any mobile device automatically and on-the-fly. The emoveo UAP™ platform is the only and unmatched complete solution for <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • brand & content owners
  • publishers
  • application & software developers
  • service providers
  • media & marketing organizations
  • web-site & e-commerce companies
  • and mobile network operators

To develop, produce, manage, operate, test, bill, transcode and deliver their mobile content applications optimized across more than 2,500 mobile devices seamlessly and instantaneously.

emoveo UAP™ is connected to more than 40 operators (Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telia, Cingular, Sprint and others) throughout Europe, North America and Asia. It is being used by more than 70 business customers and major brands such as eBay International, T-Mobile International and RTL Television Group who rely on emoveo UAP™ as their only solution to deliver mobile content and applications to more than 20 million consumers every month.

emoveo UAP™ improves the quality and richness of mobile content applications and services for the provider and reduce production, development, testing and maintenance costs by more than 70 %.

dynetic opens the door to a vast and rapidly-growing mobile marketplace for businesses. Mobile devices represent the largest media access medium in history. With more than 1.8 billion subscribers worldwide, the mobile medium is currently reaching a larger audience than the Internet. The mobile content market is forecast to reach US$ 130 billion by 2008. Supported by 3G technology, which is expected to grow to 400 million subscribers by 2008, new mobile media types such as mobile video, TV, music downloads and gaming are conquering the mobile marketplace.

dynetic's vision is for emoveo UAP™ to become the “mobile layer” for every web-site in the Internet and the worldwide standard as the most-recognized software solution in mobile content adaptation, transcoding and delivery in the industry. Therefore dynetic is dedicated to innovation and constantly enhances the emoveo UAP™ platform. Our goal is to immediately support any and all mobile devices or content types as soon as they are available on the market. Our optimization and transcoding algorithms are constantly enhanced to enable the highest possible level of usability, speed and quality in mobile application delivery. In addition dynetic excels in helping businesses to compete in the mobile marketplace by providing turnkey mobile applications and full support services.