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Velti, Forrester, MMA | Mobile's Potential Lies Beyond an Extension of the Desktop

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A Market Research Study on the Strategic Use of Mobile in Marketing


Mobile is the catalyst for seismic changes in how brands will engage with consumers, these will create both new opportunities and challenges for marketers. The majority of mobile marketing spend today has been a reflection of desktop, primarily focused on advertising or anonymous consumers. With the potential intimacy and rich context offered by mobile, however, the true potential lies in the acknowledgement that mobile is a unique channel on to itself and a significant opportunity exists not only in advertising but also lower — funnel marketing or engaging with existing customers.


Key Findings:

• Most mobile marketing spend is allocated to upper-funnel tactics. Among the executives surveyed, 90% use mobile advertising tactics, while only 48% use mobile marketing tactics to engage with their customers.

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Velti | The State of Mobile Advertising – March 2013

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The March edition of The State of Mobile Advertising report highlights the top 10 Android devices winning majority of Android ad dollars, along with impression breakdown by tablets, app category, geography and OS as well as publisher eCPMs and CTRs by country.

Key Highlights:

• Samsung is looking unstoppable next to fellow Android devices, representing 68.2% of all Android impressions in March.

• iPad devices took share away from iPhone devices this month, accounting for 19.7% share of impressions, up from 17.2% last month.

• This month, we see Books apps slide into the coveted #3 spot with 4.5% share.

• Smartphone users were much busier during the work week in March, but compensated for the decrease on the weekends, where app usage spiked as high as 17.2%.

• The iPad, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy Tab lost impression shares to the iPad Mini in March.

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Velti | The State of Mobile Advertising – February 2013

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The February edition of The State of Mobile Advertising report highlights the top 3 devices in the U.S., Asia and Europe as well as impression break down by tablets, app category, geography and OS as well as publisher eCPMs and CTRs by country.


Key Highlights:

• iOS devices accounted for 8 out of every 10 devices, by impression.

• Advertiser demand remains consistent with iOS, garnering more than 60% of impressions for the past 6 months.

• Games and Entertainment apps continue to lead in impression share, with 47.8% and 24.3% respectively.

• Weekends saw the highest levels of app usage, with Sundays accounting for 15.7% of all impressions served.

• iPads are dominating tablet usage; Android tablets only make up a fraction of impressions at 0.7%

• Despite a lower share of impressions, Android users are more likely to interact with ads; Android saw nearly a 50% higher CTR than iOS in February.

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Velti | The State of Mobile Advertising – 2012 Year in Review

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Key Highlights:

• Consumers in emerging markets are more likely to click
through to an ad-three out of the top five countries with the highest CTR are
emerging markets. Brazil leads the pack with an average CTR of 2.58%, while
China trails close behind at 2.4%. Italy comes in third at 2.18%, while Russia
places fourth at 1.88%.

The Mobile Messaging Opportunity

Learn how measuring the effectiveness of mobile messaging is critical to maximize mobile audience retention and engagement.
Download your free copy of The Mobile Messaging Opportunity by OtherLevels and discover three mobile measurement techniques that will help you fully unlock your mobile app’s full marketing potential:

     1. Action Analytics Measurement
     2. A/B Split Testing
     3. Message Retargeting

Insights include:

Semi-Annual Mobile Messaging Analytics Report

Semi-Annual Mobile Messaging Analytics Report
December 2012
Data source
All data contained in this report is from internal data audits from Mogreet text message platform clients, unless otherwise noted.
About the Data

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Adfonic's Global AdMetrics Report Q2

Adfonic, the global mobile advertising marketplace, today releases its Global AdMetrics Report for Q2 2012, which draws data from thousands of mobile advertising campaigns, spanning almost fifteen thousand mobile sites and apps, to help advertisers, developers and publishers drive better performance.

Adfonic’s Global AdMetrics Report is available from Adfonic’s website at :

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Mobile-Local Search Takes Off!

16 million Americans will book Travel via mobile this year. Learn about these insights and more as xAd dives deeper into mobile and the travel industry.
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xAd Mobile Local Performance Stats: Q1 2012

Just one year after declaring the “year of mobile”, the
industry continues to accelerate at an exciting rate as brands and SMBs learn
the value of mobile advertising. Leading the charge in mobile’s continued
growth is the value found in local-mobile targeting. From big brands to local
businesses, mobile-local is making its way into advertising budgets in a big

targeted ads in mobile have shown success in multiple business categories,

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Q4 2011 Mobile Barcode Trend Report

ScanLife releases its Q4 2011 ScanLife Trend Report, which looks at the busiest quarter of the year for mobile barcodes, and draws comparisons between 2011 and 2010. The data in this report was pulled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform; it represents traffic from both two dimensional barcodes (i.e. QR Codes) and UPC barcodes. The report shows that the momentum gained over the last two years shows no signs of abating, with Q4 2011 seeing more scans than all of 2009 and 2010 combined. It also includes data about user demographics, marketer adoption, and media placement.