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Velti | The State of Mobile Advertising – March 2013

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The March edition of The State of Mobile Advertising report highlights the top 10 Android devices winning majority of Android ad dollars, along with impression breakdown by tablets, app category, geography and OS as well as publisher eCPMs and CTRs by country.

Key Highlights:

• Samsung is looking unstoppable next to fellow Android devices, representing 68.2% of all Android impressions in March.

• iPad devices took share away from iPhone devices this month, accounting for 19.7% share of impressions, up from 17.2% last month.

• This month, we see Books apps slide into the coveted #3 spot with 4.5% share.

• Smartphone users were much busier during the work week in March, but compensated for the decrease on the weekends, where app usage spiked as high as 17.2%.

• The iPad, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy Tab lost impression shares to the iPad Mini in March.

• Android users are more engaged; despite seeing lower impression share compared to iOS, CTRs for Android devices increased in March, naturally leading to higher eCPMs.


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