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MMA CMO & CEO Summit 2023

Join the MMA in 2023 to Architect the Future of Marketing.
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MMA CMO & CEO Summit: Making the right investments in growth during challenging times

CMOs are redefining their role while navigating immense industry change under the umbrella of enormous cultural change, post the lingering effects of a global pandemic and an uncertain economy. Other than that, it’s all fine.

Marketing has gotten more complex and more challenging than ever. Arguably, one of the most scrutinized roles in the entire c-suite (as was pointed out last year’s summit, where it was called out that “every other c-suite executive does marketing as a side hustle”). The chief marketing officer has seen the pressure on the role expand significantly over the past decade, and the demands to own and produce growth (and prove it) is more critical than ever.

Making the right investments in growth has always been tough, but now during these challenging times, it’s only going to get harder to be more confident and more impactful. But that is the point of the CMO & CEO Summit to bring together the best thinking and experience of peers and a whole lot of proprietary science not just to survive, but thrive. This is our one time a year to really check on the latest insights, knowledge, and collective wisdom of the world’s best CMOs from the biggest of brands combined with the perspective of the CEOs and CROs of the leading marketing and advertising technologies and platforms. All brought to you by MMA Global who has no other agenda than to make our industry and unite that industry to support CMOs in achieving greater stature and gravitas.

MMA’s CMO & CEO Summit, now running for 12 years, is an exclusive, invitation-only event and delivers the experience you’ve come to expect, featuring luxurious accommodations, white-glove service, the backdrop of Napa and superior culinary experiences, with an incredible line-up of speakers that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to finish the year strong!

Request an invitation to the 2023 in-person summit and join us as we continue to #ShapeTheFuture®.


  • Meritage Resort & Spa
    875 Bordeaux Way
    Napa, CA 94558
    (866) 370-6272
    Visit Website

  • The Grand Reserve at The Meritage
    850 Boardeaux Way
    Napa, CA 94558
    (888) 965-7090
    Visit Website

The Meritage Collections blends iconic, one-of-a-kind places with locally inspired enrichment programs designed for the curious traveler. This year’s event will take place at The Meritage Resort & Spa and Vista Collina Resort, located side by side. Your stay will be memorable from start to finish.

Join us in beautiful Napa Valley for an exceptional 2.5 days of networking, insights, wine, and relaxation. Visit for detailed breakdown of your surroundings and a whole host of reasons to bring your partner and families to enjoy the experience.

This annual gathering is designed to remove our guests from the day to day, placing you in an environment that will inspire. With organized social activities, this event delivers exceptional opportunities for you to build the relationships that will drive change for you and your organization.

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