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Location Based Marketing (LBM) is awash with buzzwords and jargon. You might come across terms such as: local, hyperlocal, geo-fence, geo-targeting, location-based search, location-based services, SoLoMo (social, local & mobile), location-based solutions, deals around me, and many more. This may seem dizzying, but each of these terms has the same underlying concept and the same end-goal: connecting consumers with businesses within a specific geographic area.

16 million Americans will book Travel via mobile this year. Learn about these insights and more as xAd dives deeper into mobile and the travel industry.
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Just one year after declaring the “year of mobile”, the
industry continues to accelerate at an exciting rate as brands and SMBs learn
the value of mobile advertising. Leading the charge in mobile’s continued
growth is the value found in local-mobile targeting. From big brands to local
businesses, mobile-local is making its way into advertising budgets in a big

targeted ads in mobile have shown success in multiple business categories,

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AdTruth Convenes 18 Digital Media Companies to Plan Deployment of Universal Tracking in Mobile

Leaders gather in San Francisco and Munich to examine evolving mobile tracking, targeting and privacy requirements.

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Ad Industry Convenes Around Post- UDID Solution 

Mobile Marketing - David Murphy 

AdTruth, the digital media division of global device recognition technology firm, 41st Parameter, has released the results of the first in a series of AdTruth Workgroup meetings held in San Francisco on 2 May, and in Munich on 9 – 10 May.

AdTruth Wants to Be Standard for Mobile Tracking

ClickZ by Susan Kuchinskas

AdTruth thinks its digital fingerprinting technology is the best way to address stringent new privacy requirements while letting marketers measure ad performance across mobile devices. The company is bootstrapping an initiative it hopes will lead to wide industry adoption of its product.

Berlin-based Sponsormob announced
it is launching a new service aimed at converting simple impressions into
prequalified leads for mobile advertisers. The new service, known as “Call-Back,” allows mobile advertisers
using Sponsormob’s mobile ad platform to generate call-back requests from
mobile consumers interested in a product or service offering.
According to Peter Glaeser, CEO of Sponsormob, what