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Sponsormob Launches New Service to Help Mobile Advertisers Convert Impressions to Leads

May 29, 2012
Berlin-based Sponsormob announced
it is launching a new service aimed at converting simple impressions into
prequalified leads for mobile advertisers. The new service, known as “Call-Back,” allows mobile advertisers
using Sponsormob’s mobile ad platform to generate call-back requests from
mobile consumers interested in a product or service offering.
According to Peter Glaeser, CEO of Sponsormob, what
consistently eludes many mobile advertisers is the ability to convert raw
impressions into qualified leads which advertisers can close with a greater degree
of predictability. “Call-Back is the next step in the evolution of mobile
advertising as it strives to target customers with more precise product and
service offerings,” Glaeser says. “Sponsormob can now deploy campaigns for
advertisers targeting precise demographics down to the phone carrier, content,
mobile device, location, and more. With deeper marketing intelligence, our
Call-Back service has the potential to yield much higher consumer engagement
and drive even more leads for advertisers.”

 Glaeser cites an example of a telecommunications
company seeking to expand its customer base in a particular geographic region.
“Our advertising platform can target customers based on location, even ones on
a competing mobile telecommunications carrier,” he says. “Based on our marketing
intelligence and new Call-Back service, mobile advertisers can create highly
targeted ad campaigns to drive phone interactions where consumers prequalify
themselves in advance. Conversion rates for Call-Back are averaging 10% for
confirmed calls,” Glaeser adds.

Sponsormob’s Call-Back was designed to be simple
and direct, allowing users to request a call-back from the mobile advertiser
with an additional step in the click-flow. Glaeser notes that there is also a
double opt-in to ensure data security and guarantee that leads are genuine. “Because
prequalified phone interactions have higher sales conversion rates than
traditional telemarketing campaigns, Call-Back will have an immediate impact on
a mobile advertiser’s ability to grow its customer base. Industries that have
proven to be most responsive to targeted, high-touch campaigns are in finance,
entertainment, telecommunications, fitness, and information-based services,
such as consulting,” Glaeser adds.
For more information on advertising opportunities
with Sponsormob, visit the company
website or contact [email protected].