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The council will seek to add value to marketers by helping them to assess and adopt the right MarTech stacks and enabling business transformation.

The MarTech Council will :

  • Establish unbiased expertise in the domain 
  • Educate brands and marketers on practical usage and trends of MarTech
  • Enable providers to understand the needs of marketers
  • Create credible content on the MarTech lifecycle from evaluation to implementation through :
  1. Educational assets in terms of a Martech Maturity Guide
  2. Webinars for thought leadership/evangelism
  3. Industry surveys on State of Martech, Customer data maturity, etc.

Key Insights:

  • 40% of the organisations are at a nascent stage in MarTech capabilities, while 30% are at an emerging level 
  • 80% of businesses in E-commerce and over 50% in BFSI have an emerging level of MarTech capabilities, as early adopters
  • 87 % expect their spending on MarTech to increase over the next 5 years
  • 44% said that they have a strong digital business culture cultivated in their employees
  • 32% said that they measure revenue/profitability using MarTech stacks

Source: MMA MarTech Maturity Survey

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