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AI, Data & Martech Council

Why AI Advisory:

The subject of AI is fast-evolving and keeping up with the pace can be difficult. The Advisory will ensure a right platform is provided for industry representatives to discuss challenges, engage in knowledge sharing, and drive collaboration for growth.

Objective of the AI Advisory:

The AI Advisory at MMA Global India is committed to driving the adoption of AI applications of marketing at scale. It represents a working coalition of leading marketers and thought leaders who are focused on applying AI to marketing responsibly and effectively.

The coalition realizes the power of AI and the power to reshape the marketing landscape with AI technology. With a simplified yet an ambitious goal, MMA Global India aims to help business growth through the strategic enablement of AI in marketing.

Our Experts on the Council will aim to:

  • Champion AI-Powered Marketing and Branding Tech
  • Foster Knowledge Sharing via Thought Leadership
  • Keep Members at the Forefront of AI Marketing Applications
  • Establish Authority in Marketer Tech and Be the Go-To Council

This group is laser focused to drive conversation at a micro-level for the industry. The outcomes being visible in reports that are drafted and created, the sharing of use cases, surveys, etc. Also, the council is solely dedicated for the country market - India, allowing marketers access to content most pertinent to them. The MMA India AI Advisory strives to ensure that MMA's members remain leaders in this generation's most important frontier of technological innovation.

Welcome to the MMA India AI Advisory, where intelligence fuels innovation and marketing reaches new heights.

Below are some of the work that MMA Global has conducted in AI.

  1. State of AI in Marketing and CX – download link
  2. State of AI in Digital transformation – download link
  3. State of Generative AI in Marketing – download link

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