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Modern Marketing Reckoner 2024: Winning With AI

May, 2024
Education Section: 

Delve into a dynamic report decoding the transformative influence of AI across marketing's four key pillars. Leading AI revolutionaries and decision-makers from brands, agencies, and tech sectors have penned groundbreaking AI strategies and real-world applications in this 4th edition of MMA Global India & GroupM's Modern Marketing Reckoner: Winning With AI. 

Get your copy to discover how AI is reshaping marketing, not merely as a tool but as a crucial driver of innovation and growth. This comprehensive guide can empower marketers to harness AI’s potential effectively, pushing widespread adoption and driving incremental value across the industry.

Key Takeaways - 

  • Unlock AI's Full Spectrum: Discover how AI is revolutionizing every aspect of marketing, from new product development to dynamic promotions, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of leveraging AI for competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Insights Across the 4Ps: Dive into detailed strategies and practical applications of AI across the four critical pillars of marketing—Product, Price, Place, and Promotions—illustrated with real-world examples from across the full marketing ecosystem.
  • Exclusive Expert Perspectives: Gain privileged access to pioneering insights developed through the collective expertise of MMA Global India’s chair, board, members, AI Advisory, GroupM leadership and MMA & GroupM's collaborative network of the industry's top innovators.
  • Empowerment Through Innovation: Equip yourselves to not only adopt AI but to master it, driving substantial business growth and setting new benchmarks in marketing excellence.

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