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E-commerce Council

The council has prioritised the following key areas to work on  :

  • Build overall understanding of the ecosystem and to address cluster-specific issues
  • Capability building in Omni Channel Marketing
  • Streamline ecosystem through building a common vocabulary and industry standards

Key Insights:

  • Consumers are now experiencing the benefits of online channels, like limitless assortment, convenience & now most importantly safety
  • Voice as a platform really helps in increasing orders & product searches on E-Commerce platforms
  • Mobile fuels 30% more financial engagement in India
  • 98% of postal codes in India ordered at least 1 Fashion item online in the year 2020
  • Over 60% of consumers made their first purchase online with Buy Online Pay In-Store (BOPIS)
  • 10% increase in the number of orders placed per week per customer
  • 11% of consumers tried online shopping for the first time in 2020
  • 80% of online shoppers shop via mobile device

Source: MMA Industry Reports & Webinars

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