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Driving Gen AI Discovery & Adoption: Top 10 Gen AI FAQs - Answered!

May, 2024
Education Section: 

The year 2024 has seen remarkable technological advancements in marketing, with Generative AI (Gen AI) emerging as a game-changer. In an increasingly competitive landscape, marketers are leveraging AI to streamline daily tasks and enhance productivity. This whitepaper, ‘Driving Gen AI Discovery & Adoption: Top 10 Gen AI FAQs - Answered!,’ provides critical insights and practical guidance for marketers on their AI adoption journey. 

The paper was constructed based on the 10 most frequently asked questions about Gen AI in marketing, guided by the AI Advisory at MMA Global India.  Each answer is substantiated with key facts and statistical data from reports conducted by MMA Global India.

This paper is designed to assist marketers at any stage of their AI journey, providing a pioneering approach to understanding and integrating Generative AI. It equips marketers from various specializations with the essential steps needed to embark on their Generative AI journey, simplifying complex information into clear, concise answers supported by empirical data and research findings from MMA Global.

Start Your Gen AI in Marketing Journey As a Confident Modern Marketer  

  • Learn about the existing state of Generative AI through solid, practical research by MMA Global, covering its application, adoption, and performance.
  • Decode the role of Gen AI application across marketing sub-domains.  
  • Overview of ethical considerations and best practices for Gen AI adoption in marketing. 
  • Learn how to apply Gen AI to various facets of marketing effectively  

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