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MATT Unplugged Virtual

MMA MATT UNPLUGGED Virtual: The Future of Marketing Attribution

Back for its 2nd year, MMA MATT Unplugged Virtual is a one-day event where marketers, attribution experts and other thought leaders meet to discuss and define the technologies leading the way to effective multi-touch attribution (MTA).

Attendees will learn about the different stages of successful MTA implementation and how MTA dovetails with other marketing mix models. We will also focus on what the future of MTA will look like without cookies and other data identifiers, as well as the impact of data privacy, walled gardens and more.

Over the last three years, MMA’s Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT), together with an impressive marketer-led steering committee, has set out to rethink the world of marketing attribution. MATT UNPLUGGED highlights the strategies and tactics that will help marketers connect their efforts to actual business outcomes. During our sessions, attendees will be invited to contribute their own experience and expertise to this critical foundation of modern marketing.

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