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Marketers are Dead: Long live Marketing

Marketers are Dead: Long live Marketing

A provocation using villages, cakes, gumball machines and sprinkles to help us think about how marketing thrives and delivers to infinity and beyond.
Chief Marketing Officer
Hollard Group

9:45 AM – 10:10 AM

The Initiative for Real Growth – Redefining strategy, structure and leadership for sustained business growth

The Initiative for Real Growth is the most comprehensive global study of business growth. While many businesses have relied on scale and efficiency strategies to drive growth over the past six decades, this era is coming to an end as the last markets reach maturity and any remaining superfluous expenditures are cut. To replace this unsustainable ‘Fake Growth’ with ‘Real Growth’, or continuous organic top-line growth, leaders must take an abundant view of their markets and opportunities and be truly human-centric, addressing the needs and motivations of their customers, colleagues and communities. They must future-proof their organizations by fostering open cultures, adopting fluid and anticipative structures, and uniting creativity, technology and data to deliver ever-evolving experiences.
WPP Kantar Consulting: IRG

10:10 AM – 10:45 AM

Agile marketing - digitization of the marketing value chain. Vodacom case study on how to digitize the marketing workflow from product concept through to agency execution

As Vodacom SA continues its digital transformation drive, a key goal is to increase the pace of commercialisation of ideas into revenue-generating products. An important component of this is the faster turn-around of marketing from product concept to campaigns deployed in market. A large digitization and change management programme commenced at the end of 2018 and will be finalised in March 2019.
Within six months, seven agencies and five internal teams were on-boarded. The results have not only enabled better communication and faster issue resolution with agencies but are also providing key benchmarks for how effectively the eco-system works, wastage reports and managing key SLAs. Marketers and product managers have better control over the process and save significant time from automated status views and exception reporting. Compliance also improves, reducing audit complexities.
Executive Head - Digital Marketing
Vodacom SA

10:45 AM – 11:10 AM

Panel Debate: How to lead in digital transformation: What lies ahead for Marketers and Agencies

Chief Marketing Officer
Hollard Group
Executive Head - Digital Marketing
Vodacom SA

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Are you ready for MARS? Exploring how marketing organisations need to be ready for the world of Mobile, Analytics, Real-time and Social Media, the world of MARS.’

This session answers the question of how marketing organisations need to be ready for the world of Mobile, Analytics, Real-Time and Social Media, the world of MARS.

Join Chris Babayode, MD MMA EMEA, who will share insights from a yearlong study into this subject (the MMA’S MOSTT research), that provides a:

  • Marketing Capabilities Map - a framework to assess what capabilities an organisation needs to build, to keep or to leave behind
  • Growth Fit Index - a selection criteria to help adapt to this new environment in a way that is in line with firm-specific growth needs
Managing Director, EMEA

11:55 AM – 12:30 PM

Keynote Session - Data Driven Marketing for the Future Customer: Personalisation with purpose

Keynote Session - Data Driven Marketing for the Future Customer: Personalisation with purpose

As we head into 2020, how can the financial services sector respond to a changing consumer who wants 24/7 immediacy and on-demand banking?

This keynote will address key considerations in how to engage customers on a personal level, interacting with them in a relevant and contextual way, while at the same time being respectful of their need for data privacy. Customers are also becoming loyal to service, not brands, and expect a seamless experience in the channel of their choice.

How do traditional organisations adapt and help them on their life stages to achieve things that they want? What is the role of customer-centricity and why should everyone across the organisation needs to buy into the concept, not just the marketing department.

“Customer experience should be the cornerstone of every organisations’ DNA. We exist only because of what our customer’s needs; and we should be obsessing about knowing our customers and how to wow them.” Sagren Pather, Executive Head Digital and Marketing Analytics, Standard Bank

Executive Head: Platforms and Channel Management, Media
Standard Bank

12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Measure What Matters - A Guide to Mobile Attribution and Retargeting

Mobile marketing is no longer the 'wild west' it once was and accurately measuring the impact of your mobile marketing campaigns is a must for today's digital marketers. Whether you're just starting out acquiring new users for your app or retargeting existing and dormant users measuring the right KPIs is crucial.

MD LATAM & Africa

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Panel Debate: Destination Marketing: Marketers’ response to the rise of “phygital” across the multitude of buying environments accessible today.

From products, through to buying environments, how has the “Phygital” phenomenon, that distinguishes itself with its multichannel focus, continually impacts the way we purchase?

How have we, as marketers, taken the best aspects from each space to create a much more complete and satisfying customer experience, which is both fluid and familiar?

With the rapid changes we see today in the way consumers purchase, whereby physical and online retail channels are both blurring and influencing each other in new ways, consumers and shoppers now have an array of choice, from in-store, online Ecommerce, through to mobile and social commerce networks all at their fingertips.

In this session, we look at how marketers are addressing these challenges in order to cater for different purchasing behaviours both in an offline and online environment. We’ll be sharing the Heineken case study, which saw the launch of its FMCG ecommerce platform, which in turn created pop up stores due to its phenomenal demand. Location data remains at the core of mobile (as stated in this years’ WARC study across EMEA), which supports why we see the power of location data driving these changes.

Executive Head: Marketing & Communications
Touchsides SA
Senior eCommerce Director

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

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2:30 PM – 3:05 PM

How to Launch a Digital Bank: Lessons learned in executing modern marketing

How to Launch a Digital Bank: Lessons learned in executing modern marketing

3:05 PM – 3:35 PM

Skilling for the New Norm: Digital Agencies of the Future

Industry experts will take a closer look at ‘skilling for the new normal’. They will debate what it takes to transform culture and which digital skills are needed to take the South African economy forward, digitise and progress industries. Debates will be had on what the digital agency of the future will look like and what its impact on the CMO of the Future will be
Founder and CEO
Digify Africa
Digital Marketing Manager
Nando's (IMEA)
Managing Director
Red & Yellow School
Chair MMA South Africa
CEO, DSG Media

3:35 PM – 3:55 PM

Local Mobile Study - Going beyond the click: Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile advertising in South Africa using brand lift surveys at scale conducted the largest brand lift study to date in SA, covering 11 brands, 79 campaigns, and almost 23,000 survey responses. We set out to evaluate if and how digital mobile advertising creates value for brands beyond short term click measurements, and in doing so, found interesting relationships between various ad formats and how they moved the brand relationship in different ways. The presentation also covers the impact of audience targeting, messaging type, and brand size on brand lift with a view to giving marketers actionable insights on getting more value from their digital campaigns.

Head of Research and Analytics-

3:55 PM – 4:25 PM

Crossing the Chasm – Winning consumers in the mobile first age

An overview of 2019 Smarties winning campaigns and how they aced the consumers with mobile at heart. Perspectives on brand building, creative and media deployment in the age of fast evolving media landscape.
Samsung Africa
Head of Digital
Head of Agencies, Sub Saharan Africa
Managing Executive- Digital Lifesytle Services

4:25 PM – 4:30 PM

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