Sarah Utermark | MMA Global
Sarah Utermark
Country Director
MMA South Africa

Sarah has been involved with digital media and mobile technology solutions for the past 14 years. Having moved from the UK to South Africa in 2009, she was the key founder of AdVine, her vision… “To create South Africa’s leading Premium Mobile Advertising Network, that offers a full service; to aid publishers locally in commercializing their products effectively, as well as providing brands and media agencies with knowledge on how best to use mobile to reach their brand objectives”. She has spent the last 4 years growing AdVine’s publisher network to include some of South Africa’s most established mobile portals as well as forging global publisher partnerships with Opera Mini, BBC and Shazam. This led to AdVine being acquired by Opera Mediaworks in Dec 2014 to form part of the Opera group for Sub Saharan Africa. Sarah’s wealth of experience allows brands to obtain a full spectrum of what works in mobile enabling them to meet their key objectives through exciting new ways in the digital space.