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MMA Impact India is part of a global series that MMA hosts across markets bringing the ecosystem of publishers, agencies, marketers and tech enablers under one roof to accelerate modern marketing practices, discuss and learn upcoming trends and challenges in modern marketing. It is held across 42 countries and has become a signature property that is poised to shape the future of modern marketing. 

December, 2021

Creating a Mobile Marketing Roadmap: Scaling Sustainable Growth for DTC eCommerce Apps

Wavemaker India

The Power of Location Data to Find Your Audience

The Indian market is one of the fastest growing, emerging ad markets. As such, marketers need to understand consumer behavior as never before. But the fundamental needs of advertising remain the same: to understand our audiences’ preferences and lifestyles, reach them accurately at the right time and place and measure the ROI of those activities.

WhatsApp “Data Well”: how great conversations are helping brands collect rich shopper information, intelligently


“Hi Ma’am, can I help you find anything?”


“Yes, I’m looking for some dresses”


Xapads Media Private Limited

Why as a Brand you need a Comprehensive Brand Safety Solution?