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The Definitive Guide to Location Data

There is a lot of confusion that exists about location data. Although the concept has been around for a while, the mobile advertising and marketing industries have a habit of making claims and conflating ideas so often that it becomes difficult to understand what is real, what is possible, and what is completely unfounded.

Gimbal's Definitive Guide to Location Data is a deep dive about how location technology works, the valuable data it generates, and where it can be applied.

2018 Holiday Advertising Forecast - Survey

This holiday season, retail spending, both online and in-store, could reach new heights. The latest Consumer Confidence Index numbers, which measure consumer sentiment towards buying intentions, haven’t been this high since October 2000, eighteen years ago.

To understand how and when retailers plan to reach holiday shoppers, we surveyed over 260 owners and managers of small-to-medium businesses in the United States. Find insights on:

  • Where SMBs will spend their holiday ad dollars
  • The influence of geotargeting
  • Which digital channels will get the most attention
  • Holiday ad spending trends 

MMA members can download a copy here.

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Mandana Mellano, VP of Marketing, Thinknear by Telenav

Time to Shift from Mobile Marketing to Mobility Marketing

Time to Shift from Mobile Marketing to Mobility Marketing

Consumer mobility is reshaping both purchase behavior and marketing triggers.

Hidden Secrets of Beacon Data

This PDF contains the slides from the Hidden Secrets of Beacon Data webinar, co-hosted by Reveal Mobile and The Location Based Marketing Association. We share new uses for beacons and never-before-seen data about the audiences bumping into beacons across the US. Brands will see examples of the type of audience data generated by placing beacons within retail locations. Which locations are most visited, which other places do customers visit, what other demographics can we learn? What can beacons tell us about Walmart or Target shoppers? What impact do beacons have on increasing audience data, building retargeting audiences, or driving app downloads? App publishers will hear advertising use cases leveraging both beacon-derived and location-based audience segments.

Hidden Secrets of Beacon Data

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Take a SPA Approach with Mobile: Keep it Simple, Pretty and Available

Consumers are spending more and more time on phones, and most have a hard time going longer than 7 minutes without interacting with their devices throughout the day. In turn, marketers want to make the most out of these multiplying touchpoint opportunities they may have via mobile. But, here’s some advice: It’s not all about mobile.

Location Analytics: A New Discipline at the Intersection of the Digital & Physical Worlds

With the introduction of the iPhone and the rapid evolution of smartphones and tablets, users could access the web wherever they were. They also became consistently accessible, with most mobile device owners becoming so attached to the technology that they never had it far from them and they never turned it off.  By far the biggest single piece of new information that is available from consumers’ mobile devices is the accurate location of the device, powered by the onboard GPS that has become a hallmark of all modern smartphones.

The Power of Purchase Persuasion: How C-Store Retailers Can Attract Consumers With Real-Time Incentives

By: Alex Romanov, CEO, iSIGN Media

Sometimes, inspiring customers to purchase one extra item, make pricier selections, or impulsively fill their shopping carts with another article at checkout time comes down to a business’s nuts and bolts – literally. 

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