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The Changing Face of the Indian Mobile User

India is inching closer to becoming a trillion dollar digital economy with rapidly expanding digital infrastructure coupled and greater accessibility to technology. With 90% of India set to own a mobile phone by 2022, it comes as no surprise that mobile is the primary driver of this digital transformation.

The face of the Indian mobile user is changing and how! A distinctive feature of the change is that it is not just restricted to metro cities. Bharat - comprising of Tier II and III cities and rural India, is bringing an ever-increasing number of first-time internet user online. In addition, it’s not just the teens or young adults that are tech-savvy today. Digital adoption is growing across all demographics. India, like most countries, is also moving away from traditional means of content consumption to more convenient, one-to-one interactions enabled by mobile. Be it gaming, video-viewing or shopping, mobile is now the primary screen for users.

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Digital Data Dictionary

Hadoop, RDBMS, SaaS?

Let's face it- data lingo is confusing. That's why we created this handy digital data dictionary to help you, and us, keep track of it all. Master your mobile marketing campaigns by staying up to date on the latest digital terminology.

Quaero's Digital Data Dictionary

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