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MMA SM2 Innovation Summit

Content. Disruption. Expert presenters. Technology Innovators. Networking.

Curated by senior brand marketers for their peers, SM2 Innovation Summit 2016 will address the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, engage and purchase every product, service and experience.

The march for mobile transformation is impacting an astonishing array of industries. Disruptors have raised the bar on delivering exceptional user experiences and engaging more intimately with their consumers.

Brands who think of Mobile as just a channel dismiss the unprecedented role it is playing in customers’ lives and diminishes the possibilities it provides for marketers. Mobile is marketing. Mobile is utility. Mobile is connection. Mobile is engagement. Mobile is transformational.

Mobile is the ultimate disruptor and brands need to plan their transformation or risk being transformed.

Join the industry’s most prominent and influential figures at this two-day industry leading conference.

It is no longer about mobile marketing, but marketing in a mobile age.



Session topics from industry leaders on how mobile is building closer connections to consumers.


Speakers and panelists include industry heavyweights from leading brands and technology enablers.


Relax and enjoy upscale accommodations.


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