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DATT Unplugged Virtual

In the age of 1st party, 3rd party, and more recently 2nd party data, complexity proliferates in how marketers use this data effectively. In addition, with the constant barrage of regulatory developments including GDPR and CCPA to changes in OS systems and browsers/cookie usage as well as the explosion of the data-driven DTC market we have a recipe for data chaos. To successfully navigate this data minefield, marketers must have a strategy in place that relies on clarity, transparency and compliance, while still providing a value exchange for the consumer.

MMA DATT Unplugged Virtual is a one-day event bringing together brand marketers, data and privacy experts and other thought leaders to discuss and define the future of data in marketing. Our speakers will discuss how to build a data-centric organization, why privacy matters, what marketing means in a cookie-free world, the future of data and more. Attendees will also learn how to implement a strategy that protects, leverages and builds trust around their most important asset—customer data.​

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