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Location may be the single most important aspect of mobile marketing and the MMA has the strongest program of initiatives to support this notion. This committee is promoting, examining and assessing all aspects of location in mobile marketing, and the reception is phenomenal. An outline of the planned Location Buyers Guide will be presented at the MMA Location Leadership Forum, April 5, 2017 in NYC.

Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines

The Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines are now complete.


The Media Rating Council, at the behest of the MMA, and in collaboration with the IAB, has issued the final Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines. These Guidelines are intended to establish and document good practices of measurement; improve practices and disclosures used by practitioners; and also provide education to users of location-based measurement data from all segments of the Industry. Specifically, these guidelines provide marketers with further clarity on what they should expect from their location data providers, how to align metrics to their marketing objectives and better leverage mobile’s unique ability to drive business impact. This document also establishes a recommendation and a benchmark for audit processes whereby the practices and disclosures of location-based measurement organizations can be voluntarily validated by third parties.

Current Projects

To these end goals, especially regarding data accuracy and vendor transparency, we are focusing on support of the MMA/MRC issued Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines, as well as sharing more insights around leveraging creative. The Location Committee, as a whole, reviews all of these efforts on a regular bi-monthly call but Working Groups meet more often to address the following:

  • Location Buyers Guide – in light of the new guidelines, and a continuing effort to reduce accuracy issues, the Location Data Accuracy Working Group is re-orienting their efforts to build, for brands and agencies, a comprehensive overview of the location vendors and their sources of data, how these sources are defined and how the data is applied.
  • Creative and how location data can be used to tailor and optimize advertising executions in mobile campaigns will be an ongoing effort by the Advertising Working Group. White papers and supporting webinars will be scheduled when possible.

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