MMA Endorsed Mobile Marketing Professional Education Programming

The MMA, in partnership with mCordis, a leader in professional mobile marketing education, is offering two qualifications in mobile marketing:

  1. Professional Award in Mobile Marketing, and
  2. Certified Mobile Marketer.

Both of these are accredited by The Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (The IDM) in the UK and meet The IDM’s stringent content and teaching methods requirements.

Both the Professional Award in Mobile Marketing and Certified Mobile Marketer are designed for individuals seeking to:

  • Become a practioner in mobile marketing
  • Be able to create a strategy for mobile marketing and execute against that in their company
  • Receive professionally recognized qualifications
Interested in becoming a certified mobile marketer? Email guy.clayton[at]mmaglobal[dot]com

Professional Award in Mobile Marketing

Overview: As consumers become increasingly mobile centric, marketers need to understand and use the channel to connect, engage and influence them. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of mobile marketing and the skills to start applying it in your business. You will leave the course with a solid understanding of how and when to apply a variety of mobile marketing techniques and strategies to communicate and engage with your audience in an interactive and appropriate manner.  Case studies and exercises will support and inform your own approach to creating a strategy. You will leave this course benefiting from international expertise designed to support companies to:

  • Aid their decision making by increasing their knowledge and understanding of mobile marketing
  • Create and develop their mobile marketing strategy
  • Building understanding and competence in how mobile works differently in different geographies and markets
  • Staying ahead of competitors’ activities in mobile marketing

This course provides formal, measurable training that leads to a recognized qualification in mobile marketing.

No prior knowledge of mobile marketing is required, although it is anticipated that attendees will be experienced marketers with a thorough understanding of the marketing mix and will have responsibility for formulating and executing marketing plans.

Certified Mobile Marketer

Build on the Award by developing your skills, experience and knowledge in mobile marketing. The Certified Mobile Marketer course guides you from theory to practice, combining real world experience with additional learning. The course ensures that marketers understand how to execute all of the essential tasks that are part of running mobile marketing campaigns. In addition, students are directed to the latest thinking on mobile marketing, engage in in dialogue and debate with industry leaders and expand their understanding of the subject.

The course requires an additional 100 hours of work on top of the Professional Award. Certification cannot be achieved without first taking and passing the Award course. Students will progress through a mixture of self-paced and directed learning with regular test points to ensure that the learning is complete.

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Professional Award in Mobile Marketing

Module 1: Why mobile marketing?

  • Building the case for mobile, understanding the key drivers and barriers

Module 2: What is mobile marketing?

  • Definitions and explanations of the key technologies and solutions used in mobile marketing
  • The 10 mobile media paths defined
  • Evolution of mobile devices and the effect on marketing
  • Evolution of marketing and the role that mobile is playing

Module 3: Where does mobile fit?

  • Place mobile in the context of the marketing mix and then show the role that mobile plays throughout the path to purchase. Explore the role of mobile in each of the following ways:
  • Mobile Search
  • Activating traditional media
  • Mobile advertising
  • Mobile Coupons & vouchers
  • Engagement in and out of the retail environment
  • Purchase
  • Promotional marketing via mobile
  • Service delivery Via mobile
  • Mobile Loyalty & mCRM

Module 4: Who is the mobile consumer?

  • An explanation of the different behaviours of consumers using the mobile channel, how to get this data and what to do with the insight
  • Common observable behavioural traits of mobile consumers

Module 5: Big data

  • Understanding contextual relevance

Module 6: Privacy & Regulation

  • Understand current and proposed UK regulations other laws affecting mobile marketing

Module 7: How to make mobile marketing happen

  • Delivering a messaging campaign
  • Planning & buying mobile media
  • Launching & promoting an app
  • Designing a mobile website

Module 8: Measurement and analytics

  • How to use data and insight to plan and then monitor and measure the success of mobile marketing campaigns
  • Present ways of measuring success
  • Mobile media attribution

Module 9: Challenges and barriers

  • How to overcome the obstacles in using mobile marketing
  • Common challenges and potential solutions

Module 10: Who to work with

  • An overview of the mobile marketing eco-system and how each part works

Module 11: Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • How do you create a strategy for mobile?
  • Three approaches

Module 12: Additional resources

  • Where to go to get more data, insight and information

Module 13: Introduction to Exam

  • Review and guidance


  • Written exam